The technologically advanced SAMSUNG Q9 has everything to satisfy technology enthusiasts and movie bluff alike. A host of customised movie settings help you get the most out of your cinematic experience, so you can expect perfect colour balance, moving images without blur or staggering connectivity and an impressive contrast ratio. Not forgetting bonus features like a remote controlled wall mount. Simply adjust your TV to the perfect position, sit back and enjoy the premiere.

Ultra FilterBright

Enjoy clearer contrast on your pictures today. SAMSUNG achieves a more vivid picture quality by attaching optical films on the front glass filters. Ultra FilterBright helps block out unnecessary external light and exposes the maximum internal light at the same time.

refined face tones and shapes

In fast moving scenes, noises or distortion can occur on curved surfaces such as face lines because the screen cannot successfully handle toning of the bright parts and the dark parts on each angle of the lines. Motion Estimated Silhouette Editor rectifes this by to estimating the movements and detecting noise, so it can adjust the face tone by multi-toning the bright parts and the dark parts on each angle of the lines. And what you get are clearer, refined pictures.

Movie Plus

Movie Plus presents smooth motion in fast moving scenes. Unlike conventional TVs, it does not increase the number of frames by simply repeating them. It increases the number of frames by intelligently estimating the position of the moving object, and creating additional frames based on that estimate.

Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)

As CEC means Consumer Electronic Control, CEC system intelligence carries device control functions between all connected HDMI (CEC enabled) A/V devices. When you connect A/V devices like a Blu-ray Disc player, AV receiver or a home theatre with HDMI cable, you can control all of them with a click, on a single remote control.


Can’t get enough of video games? A SAMSUNG Plasma TV enhances the excitement of the game with exhilarating graphics and awesome sound that makes you feel like you’re right there in the game. With GAME MODE turned on, the contrast in dark areas is amplified, the bass sound enriched, and the response time to game console's movement is shortened, creating the best environment to enjoy fast-moving video games.

Auto Wall Mount compatible

Watch comfortably from any location, when you step away to the kitchen or bedroom, or from any posture-on the sofa or floor. Get the right position you need-extend, swivel or tilt the screen-fast and effortlessly with the remote control. This feature is also useful when connecting cables from the TV to other systems. What’s more, the auto wall mount features Auto Centring to bring the TV back in place when it’s turned off.                           

true-to-life colours

SAMSUNG Plasma TV's 18-bit processing capacity displays amazing natural and true colours.

clearer, smoother pictures

Smart Frame Plus adds 25 extra frames per second to the original source. With this unique technology, moving pictures look more comfortable, as motion blurs are eliminated, plus scrolling characters in the news or weather information are easier to read.

3 HDMI (1 side, 2 rear)

Turn your TV into a multimedia centrepiece. High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) enables simple and easy connection of digital devices with a single cable that transfers uncompressed audio and visual contents without data loss.

softer, natural pictures

SAMSUNG’s ‘MOVIE mode’ sets the colour temperature to 6500K (like a cineprojector) and reproduces warmer & mellower pictures than that of ‘Dynamic Mode’ which has a colour temperature of 10500K. SAMSUNG Plasma TV also corrects possible colour balance errors in dark areas that might happen with colour temperature adjustments. What’s more, Detail Setting Mode makes it possible for movie fanatics to adjust the picture settings to their taste.

power saver

Given the increasing concerns on preserving the environment and saving energy, it’s comforting to know that SAMSUNG Plasma TVs are Energy Star qualified. These products consume less energy than products of a similar standard, with power consumption in standby mode of less than 1W. Plus, SAMSUNG Plasma TVs offer a customised power saving mode, so you can control the power consumption level.                           

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.