The MP3 Player is once again experiencing an evolution in its functionality. With the introduction of the Android operating system, the possibilities and tools have caught up with the times. From media players and built-in cameras to access to web searching, email services and synchronised calendars, MP3 players are delivering entertainment and communication on a whole new level.

The latest MP3 players are now looking cooler than ever before, and are more like smartphones than MP3 player, with touch screen displays and Android operating systems. While still delivering enhanced multimedia performance, the Android MP3 players opens up easy access to online sites such as the Samsung Apps, Android Market, Skype and Google Mobile Services, and will transform the way you use your MP3 player. Let’s take a closer look at some of the new features.

Android Market

There is almost no end to what fun can be had when you have access to the Android Market. With over 150,000 apps, there is nearly app for everything. All aspects of daily life are complemented with a selection of apps to assist your lifestyle and enhance your MP3 capabilities. You can enjoy games, utilities, news, health and finance applications, and more often than not a free version of an application is available. And it’s growing everyday!

Google Mobile Services

Your MP3 Player can now offer a selection of real-life solutions through its powerful Google Mobile Service. From directions to media downloads, you can streamline your lifestyle at the touch of a button.

Google search: Surf the web with superior search results and get the information you need.
Google Maps: Get to where you need to get to with efficiency and without the guess work
Gmail service: Enjoy receiving and sending emails in real time and with all the right tools.
YouTube: Gain access to all the latest online videos while on the go
Google Talk: Send and receive instant messages regardless of your location or device
Google Voice Search: Search Google data with the latest in precision voice recognition technology.


Chatting to friends through your MP3 player… Doesn’t sound right does it? With the help of Wi-Fi connectivity, Android MP3 Players have now pushed the boundaries with free voice calls and online chatting amongst Skype members. It may seem odd that you can communicate through your MP3 Player, but in Wi-Fi this is exactly what you can do. These Skype applications lets you easily and efficiently keep in touch with friends and family, especially when abroad, and is just one more way that Android has unleashed your MP3 Player.