9 features of the Samsung Gear S2 you didn’t know about

By Samsung 31.05.2016

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9 features of the Samsung Gear S2 you didn’t know about

Samsung’s new Gear S2 features many new functions that you should know to make the most of the smart device.

Along with the heart rate monitor, the accelerometer and the many sensors, new features have been added to the Gear S2 to make it the most efficient and user friendly wearable device.

Here are the tips and tricks that come in handy to really experience all the features of the Samsung Gear S2 smart device:


The heart rate monitor

The built-in sensor can monitor your heart rate to check your pulse, it's as easy as rotating the bezel to the right until you see the Heart Rate monitor option, and simply touch the screen to get the smart device to detect and measure your heart rhythm.

Go incognito

When entering a meeting room or if you just feel like relaxing, make sure you set your smart device to "do not disturb" mode to avoid it from vibrating or lighting up. 

To do so, just swipe down on your watch and select the "Do not disturb" options.

Save battery when needed

Power saving mode can be activated by holding down the home button on the right side of your Samsung Gear S2 and selecting the option from the menu. You can also activate power saving mode directly in the settings. This mode will disable Wi-Fi and most functions, and will limit performances overall to save battery.

Switch watch face easily

Switching watch faces is easier than ever on the Samsung Gear S2. You can create your own personal watch face from the Samsung Gear app on your mobile device, or download new ones from Galaxy Apps.


Turn off the wake up when it's not necessary

The Samsung Gear S2 made it easy to use the wake up gesture, meaning your smart device will light up whenever you rotate your wrist to check your smart device screen. However, that option might not be necessary for example if you go out running, playing tennis, or any other activity involving arm movements. You may disable this option, which will also allow you to save battery. Go to settings, press "Device" and switch the option off if you don't need it.

Change the device's font

Your Samsung Gear S2 comes with 3 fonts: Rosemary, Cool Jazz and Choco Cooky. To change the font, follow these steps:

  • Open Settings
  • Tap on Display
  • Go to the bottom of the screen and tap Font
  • You can now choose your favourite font
  • You can then choose the size of your font

Increase text size in one gesture

Samsung Gear S2 now allows you to increase the text size, making it easier to read your notifications. All you have to do is double tap on the screen and the text will double in size. You can then swipe up to delete a notification.


Use a back button shortcut

The Samsung Gear S2 has two buttons. You can use the top button and pre-set it with a shortcut to your messages, music, maps or any app so you don't even have to look at the screen to launch your favourite app.

Match your strap to your style

You can choose among many styles and swap the strap of your Samsung Gear S2 at any time to suit your mood, style or colour of the day.