Life’s a game with Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and S7

By Samsung 02.05.2016

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Life’s a game with Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and S7

There is a myth that women are less charmed by mobile games than men. A study in 2014 by the Internet Advertising Bureau revealed that 52% of the gaming audience is made up of women!

This clearly points to the fact that the thrill of mobile gaming among women is a big reason to buy a smartphone that offers excellent graphics and processing power. Just for interest, did you know that the Middle East has one of the world's fastest growing communities of online video gamers, with Saudi Arabia the largest market in the region?

Similarly, the mobile gaming community has come a long way since the launch of Tetris – the first ever game designed for mobile phones. Since then, the scope and choice of games for Android phones have increased dramatically. Today, hundreds of games that can be played on- or offline flood the app stores on a weekly basis. Some can be purchased for a nominal amount as a single purchase, and so-called freemium games can be downloaded absolutely free of charge. There are also many free games that can be played via social media platforms such as Facebook.

Super gaming

The recently launched Samsung S7 edge and S7 is the ultimate phone for games. It's designed to run even the most graphic-heavy games smoothly so you can experience the effects of each game as if it's real life. It even offers gameplay recording. This means you can show off your gaming victories by sharing it with your friends online anytime.

Samsung's game features also allow you to take control of games' impact on battery life, with two power-saving modes allowing you to determine the resolution to keep playing for longer.

Whatever your reason as a woman for playing games on your mobile phone, the new Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and S7 is sure to catch your attention for more than just gaming. 

Super camera

Smartphone users have also long realised the need for a good camera on their mobile device. The new S7-series will ensure that you're able to capture those special moments through crystal clear images, even under extreme low-light. These crisp, sharp images are the result of a 12 mega pixel rear camera (and a 5 mega pixel in the front) working in harmony with a specially-developed sensor that enables the camera to focus as quickly as the human eye, as well as a "brighter" lens that helps you make the most of pictures taken under low light conditions.

Super Camera
Super Power

Super power

The decision to buy a S7 edge or S7 will allow you to accomplish more than you thought you could – all the while keeping you connected 24/7.

The S7 edge offers a larger battery capacity, that can allow your device to run longer so that you do not have to worry about battery power (because recharging is made easy through multiple charging options).

With the S7 edge, you can play your favourite mobile games wherever you want, take as many pictures you want and sill stay connected with your friends.

Whether you're just hanging with friends, sharing pics of the latest fashion, passing time on your favourite mobile game, or simply capturing special memories with loved ones to share on your social network platforms, the Samsung Galaxy S7-series is guaranteed to entertain you for hours and hours and hours and hours.