If you think your microwave oven is good just for heating water for tea, it’s time for a little culinary inspiration. Advanced features in Samsung CE11 Series microwaves help take you from workaday reheating to gourmet cooking, giving you time- and effort-saving assistance with even your most elegant meals.

Microwave ovens have become an indispensable appliance in most kitchens, but many cooks—even some great ones—use them for reheating leftovers and not much else. Advanced features on today’s microwave ovens can enhance even your most elegant culinary efforts, and give your everyday meals a gourmet boost.

Gourmet Every Night

For special meals even on weeknights, your microwave makes a great partner to your freezer. Keep your favourite ingredients—like steaks and chops, rich soup stocks, or your special homemade pasta sauce—frozen, and use your microwave to thaw them when you’re ready to prepare a meal. The Rapid Defrost feature on Samsung microwaves ensures quick and even thawing, so your food maintains its optimal quality. It couldn’t be easier—unless, of course, you have a Samsung CE119PE-X, which has a text LCD display that lets you read the details of every setting.


For those who entertain, microwaves can greatly speed the process. Thaw frozen chopped spinach or artichokes for your dips; pierce and microwave an eggplant (instead of baking it) to make baba ghanoush in a snap.

Serving a delicious eggs Benedict or Florentine for brunch? Eggs are quicker and less messy when poached in your microwave, and foolproof with just a little practice. Place 4 ounces of water into an 8-ounce, microwave-safe mug or custard cup, and then crack a raw egg into the cup, making sure it’s completely submerged. Cover the cup and microwave on high for about 45 seconds (test different times with your microwave). Remove the egg with a slotted spoon. (Note: You can do several eggs at once; try adding 15 seconds per egg to start.)

Of course, large-capacity microwaves make reheating crowd-sized dishes a snap. Those with a Keep Warm function—like the Samsung CE11 Series—ensure that your dishes are served at the right temperature.

Baker’s Helper

If your gourmet specialties run to baked goods, don’t overlook your microwave as a vital aid. Need to soften that stick of butter for your cookies? Just 10 to 15 seconds in the microwave will do it. Or use your microwave to melt chocolate in a snap—use 50 percent power and watch carefully (or follow the instructions on the chocolate package).

You can also return your homemade pizzas or rolls to their intended state. The Crusty Cook function on the Samsung CE11 Series microwaves ensures that the crust or crumbs will be just as warm, crisp, and delicious as when they were freshly baked.

Locavore Lover

The flavours, freshness, and vitamins of local vegetables shine through when you steam them. The Samsung Pure Steam Bowl lets you use your microwave to keep your produce nutritious and delicious. And whether you’re cooking succulent summer squash or dense sweet potatoes, Samsung technology ensures your veggies will be done to perfection. The Samsung Smart Sense feature automatically detects humidity and food weight, adjusting power and cooking time for whatever dish you’re making. Plus, the Triple Distribution System uses three microwave antennae, instead of the conventional one, to cook your local delicacies—and all your food—more evenly.

Cleanup Dream

Of course, the worst thing about cooking is the mess, so look for a microwave with an easy-to-clean interior. The exclusive high-grade ceramic enamel interior on a Samsung CE11 microwave wipes clean, and has been hygienically designed and tested to prevent 99 percent of surface germs. Unlike conventional stainless steel microwave interiors, Samsung’s ceramic enamel is also scratch-resistant; it withstands daily wear and tear and resists unsightly rust, staining, and discolouration.

From food prep to cleanup, when you take advantage of the features of a Samsung CE11 Series microwave, your “real” cooking can become faster and easier than ever—and then you’ll have even more delicious leftovers to reheat!