6 everyday products you can use to remove stains

By Samsung 26.10.2016

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6 everyday products you can use to remove stains

From juice spills to oil stains, find out how to remove common stains using only basic household items.

No need for unnecessary additional detergent when you can use everyday household products such as shaving cream or baking soda to deal with most stains. These items can be used to get rid of the most tedious spills, such as oil, gasoline or food stains.

While the Addwash washing machine uses the Eco Bubble™ technology to gently and deeply clean clothes and remove most stains, you might want to use these products for bigger stains to prepare your clothes for the wash. Here are 6 everyday products you can use to remove stains:


Vinegar is one of the best everyday product to use to remove stains. Try it in different formulas depending on the stain you’re facing. For example, coffee and tea stains can be removed using equal parts of white vinegar and water. For fruit and juice stains, mix a tablespoon detergent with 1 ½ tablespoons of white vinegar and add two cups of water. This solution worked in the stains should get rid of most of it. Simply rinse or put in the washing machine for a rinse cycle afterwards.


With the Addwash Smart Control feature, you can choose to stop your washing load at the rinse stage and set an alarm on your smartphone to warn you when to pause the cycle. From there, just add on the clothes to be rinsed using the Add door, and start the cycle again. This way, you save time and energy by not doing a whole new laundry load to rinse stained clothes.

Shaving Cream

Who thought shaving cream could be used for something else than, well, shaving? If you have juice stains on a carpet for example, you can blot the stain, pat it with a wet towel, put some shaving cream on it and wipe it off with a wet sponge. Shaving cream works wonders on oil and grease stains as well. Simply work the cream into the stain, and rub off once it’s dry.

Hydrogen Peroxide

If you’re unsure about what a particular stain or spill is, hydrogen peroxide is your best bet. Put a teaspoon of peroxide with a little dab of non-gel toothpaste and rub the paste on the stain with a soft cloth. Whatever the stain was, it should be gone after that!


Cornflour is also really good to soak up oil and grease stains. Just sprinkle the stain with some flour, let it sit for a few hours and simply vacuum. Ink stains are also well removed with cornflour. Mix it with some milk to form a paste, let it sit on the stain for several hours, brush it off and vacuum. Stain gone!

Baking Soda

Baking soda will be your best ally when it comes to cleaning gasoline, mayonnaise or other oily spills, or wet ash stains.  If you’re facing a gasoline stain on clothes, wipe up what you can and sprinkle some baking soda on top of it. Pat with a paper towel and let it dry to absorb as much as possible. Scrape or brush up the residue before putting it in the washing machine for a load of laundry.


Salt works best on greasy foods stains, and condiments such as ketchup. For greasy food, mix 1 part salt with 4 parts rubbing alcohol and rub on the stain. With ketchup, make sure to act fast and not wait until it dries, where it will be much more difficult to remove. Sprinkle salt on the spill, let it sit for a bit then vacuum. Keep sprinkling salt and vacuuming until the stain is totally gone.