How to clean your mobile device

By Samsung 17.01.2016

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Simple tips to help keep your phone clean and free from germs.

Are you aware of how much you actually use your mobile phones and tablets, and how many germs you are in constant contact with? Many of us pick up our mobile phones 1,500 times each week, if not more.

As we check our phones throughout the day, making calls, returning e-mails and text messages, and scrolling through social media, the last thing we are thinking about are the sicknesses we could contract from the germs and bacteria accumulating on devices. In this busy age, we may check our phone when we're eating a burger or while taking the trash out, but not think twice about washing our hands before using it or cleaning it afterwards.

Let's think about the things that can build up on our phones every day, such as dust, make-up and crumbs. Without the proper cleaning techniques, germs can continue to build up on your devices. Try the following tips to beat them and enjoy clean devices:

Daily cleaning

Doing a deep clean on your tablet or smartphone daily might be a little too much to ask for, but there are simple ways to keep your devices dirt-free. To assist in the removal of things like dust, smudges and lint, use a soft lint-free cloth every day. Microfibre cloths are easy to find and it only takes a few moments to give your devices a slight cleaning.

Stay away from using paper towels to clean your phones. For some of us this is a natural impulse, but you must resist the urge because it can give the appearance of scratches and doesn't leave your phone as clean as a lint-free cloth would.

The power of phone cases

Our smartphones and tablets follow us everywhere, which often means they are also there for accidents, such as spills and food crumbs. The best way to protect your phones and tablets from the dangers of clumsy hands is to put a case on it.

Clear View cover

For those of you with a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+, you have a range of case options, from the Clear View to the S View cover; they not only provide great protection against cracks, but also help in keeping germs out.

Having a mobile phone or tablet cover does not necessarily mean that no cleaning needs to be done. Ideally, covers should also be cleaned or replaced to prevent germ build up.

Devices and personal hygiene

A number of us do not realise the connection that our personal hygiene has with our smart devices. Obviously it is not ideal to wash our hands every time we plan on using our cell phones and tablets, but it is necessary to wash our hands after coughing, sneezing, eating and using the restroom. In keeping your hands clean, you reduce the likelihood of passing on your germs to your smart devices or the devices of others.

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Weekly device cleanse

When your week is over, clear your phone of the weekly germ and dirt build-up by wiping your phone with wet wipes. It is important to clean your phone at the end of each week because like any device or thing, it can consistently develop a new hot bed for germs and bacteria to live on. It can be hard to remember to complete this slightly tedious task every week, so set your alarm for a weekly phone cleanse that will take, at most, 10 necessary minutes of your day.