Kitchen tools that make grilling easy

By Samsung 12.11.2015

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Kitchen tools that make grilling easy

Cook delicious and healthy recipes with these tried-and-true grilling tips and kitchen tools.

Barbeque enthusiasts are constantly seeking innovative kitchen tools and expert grilling tips to step up their game and create perfectly-cooked grilled dishes without wasting a lot of time or creating a huge mess.

Luckily, kitchen tools for your BBQ are more thoughtfully-designed than ever, allowing you to create your signature healthy recipes with ease. Some Samsung microwave models, for instance, feature Slim Fry technology, which combines a grill with warm air circulation to ensure food is cooked crispy inside and out.

Read on for a selection of must-have grilling tools for your kitchen.

Grilling microwave

It might sound crazy, but one of the most convenient ways to grill might already be in your kitchen.

microwave oven

Grilling microwave ovens use a grilling plate and cutting-edge air circulation to ensure that your meals can go from raw to perfectly cooked with the touch of a button.

Samsung MWF600G and MWF300G microwaves allow you to prepare fresh meals with pre-set cooking modes, including local recipes for when you crave some local Middle Eastern flavours.

Infrared thermometre

If you want your kitchen tools to go high-tech, invest in an infrared thermometre. These so-called "laser thermometres" allow you to discover the exact external and internal temperature of your meat, so that you know that your dish is always perfectly cooked – not too rare and not too dry inside. Today, many even come in the form of a handheld laser gun, lending your next dinner or cookout a cool sci-fi feel.

Professional food processor

Anyone who loves to barbeque knows that a spice mix or marinade can make or break the perfect kebab or shish tawouk. Don't rely on those pre-boxed spice and marinade kits – you can easily make your own using a high-grade food processor. The blade attachment can mince, mix, blend and chop fresh ingredients for the perfect spice mix for your dishes. Try blending chipotle peppers, garlic, onion, paprika and olive oil for an unforgettable twist on your next batch of chicken wings.

Dripless basting brush

Of all your kitchen tools, a basting brush may be the most under-used; it gives your dishes lots of high-impact flavour and keeps meat dishes juicy. One of our simplest grilling tips is to upgrade your drippy, messy basting brush with a dripless version, which features a collar that keeps the bristles propped up and off your table or countertop so that you don't have to keep wiping up splatters as you barbeque.


Whether you're passionate about your meshawwi or you're a BBQ novice, the iGrill2 helps you grill with ease. The Bluetooth device is a smart grilling thermometer that connects to your smartphone and helps you know exactly when your food is ready, so you can spend time preparing side dishes or spending time with your family. The professional-grade probes can connect from over 150 feet away and offer a 200 hour battery life.


The torch is a little-known kitchen tool that will take your barbeque to the next level. Owning a high-quality torch is one of the top grilling tips that professionals offer, as you can use it to cook delicate dishes. Cook seared fish that is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, or heat up a kebab or burger that has cooled on the platter – without drying it out over the grill.

Stuffed burger press

Stuffed burgers – hamburgers that are filled with anything from beef bacon to sautéed onions – are all the rage among foodies right now. They're a hit with kids and house guests; however, they can be a total mess to create at home. For innovative grill masters, pick up a stuffed burger press, which allows you to create the bowl-shaped bottom of the burger, stuff in whatever ingredients you like, and then seal off the top of the burger with ease.


Oil mister

When you think of necessary kitchen tools, an oil mister may not be at the top of your list – but it should be. Fill an oil mister with an infused oil or create your own with spices, and then lightly coat your grill for a non-stick cooking surface that not only cuts your cleanup time in half, but infuses all your grilled meats and veggies with delicious, subtle flavour.

Grill mats

While grilling can be tons of fun, it also can create a massive mess – especially on the grill, where bits of meat and veggies stick, char and bond to the metal to create some very difficult cleanup. Save yourself a lot of scrubbing with grill mats. Grill mats are non-stick mats that you can place on top of your grill and form a protective barrier between your dish and the metal below, transferring the heat evenly while preventing stuck-on messes. When you're done, sauces and crumbs rinse right off.