Lost your phone? Recover it with these simple steps

By Samsung 09.12.2015

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lost phone

A lost phone is not a lost cause. Try these helpful tips to find and protect your Samsung device.

Losing phones is a common phenomenon. How many times have you heard of a friend or relative forgetting a phone in a taxi, restaurant or public toilet? You may have been in such a situation yourself. It's quite unpleasant, to the say the least.

Nowadays, losing your phone means more than not being reachable or able to make calls. Our mobile devices now store important documents, precious photos and essential notes that we don't want to part with. We risk losing all of that too. So what can you do if, despite digging through your bag, rummaging through drawers, checking between the cushions and retracing your steps, you cannot find the phone?

Try the following tips to help you recover and protect your device:

Leave a number

In case your phone falls in the hands of a Good Samaritan, you can include a number they can contact you on. Put a sticker behind your phone with an alternate contact number that can be used to reach you. You may also be familiar with the ICE number that people are encouraged to save on their phone's contact list to help 'in case of emergency'. The number often belongs to the closest family member. In the unfortunate event of an accident, for example, paramedics or hospitals can reach the family member by calling the number listed under ICE. Aside from being helpful in emergency situations to reach your loved ones, it can also be used to notify them when someone finds your lost phone. Alternatively, if you own a smartphone, you can save a virtual sticky note on your home screen with a message specifying which number to call if someone finds your phone.

Call the device

You can always simply call the device in hopes that the person who found it answers the call. Or you can leave a message. But more often than not, the phone isn't actually lost and has only been misplaced somewhere at home. In case your phone is on silent mode, it may be no use calling either, as tracking it could become difficult.

Samsung Find My Mobile

In such a situation, Samsung's Find My Mobile feature can come in handy. The feature has a function called 'Ring my device.' By using this function, your phone will ring for one minute at the highest volume level even if it is on silent or vibration mode, attracting attention and making it easier to find. Your phone can also display a brief message of up to 40 characters that can help if someone else comes across it.

You can enable the Find My Mobile feature through Settings --> Security --> Find My Mobile and register your Samsung account on http://findmymobile.samsung.com. Keep the Remote controls option on in order to remotely operate the phone through the website in case of loss.

Track and locate your phone

Sometimes phones are forgotten in less populated areas and the chances of someone else finding it are slim.

So even if you call, there may be no one around to hear or answer the phone. Even then, there is no need to lose hope. With advancing GPS technology, it is still possible to track your phone.

Through Find My Mobile, you can locate your phone via GPS. When you're logged in through your Samsung account, select the 'Locate my device' option. It will show you your phone's approximate location on a map.

Locate phone

Protect your data

In some situations, a lost phone doesn't always fall in the safest of hands. Hence, it can be important to ensure that you protect the device's data.

Lock phone

Lock the phone. You can take some precautionary measures, such as protecting your phone with a password, which will prevent others from accessing your phone's data. You can also use Find My Mobile's Reactivation lock as an added measure. If you have enabled the Reactivation lock on your phone, it can prevent people from reactivating your device even after resetting. Be sure to keep the lock activated beforehand under Settings --> Security --> Find My Mobile --> Reactivation lock.

You can also set a message to be displayed on the screen of your locked device and set a phone number that can be dialled even when the device is locked.

Wipe out. In case your device contains highly classified and sensitive data, your last resort can be erasing all the data on the phone. Find My Mobile's 'Wipe my device' feature wipes all data saved on the device's internal memory, external memory and SIM card. It also deletes all the data saved on your device and resets the device to its factory settings.

Emergency mode. You can also enable an emergency mode to reduce the power consumption of the device and extend battery life by reducing the screen brightness and disabling most apps and functionality.