Must-ask questions when visiting a mobile store

By Samsung 22.09.2015

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Must-ask questions when visiting a mobile store

In the market for a new phone? When you visit mobile stores, make sure you ask all the right questions.

With hundreds of new models and dizzying tech terminology, shopping in mobile stores can be a bit overwhelming at times. As consumers replace their phones more and more frequently, it has become more important to invest in a phone that stands out from the pack. Read on for some tips to select a great camera, get maximum ergonomic comfort, and find the best deal for your next phone.

"What do I use my phone for the most?"

Every person is different, and some consumers really stretch their mobiles to the limit with data and RAM-intensive tasks. Are you constantly using your phone for business? Look for multitasking and conference call solutions. Love video games? Check for a cutting-edge processor.

"Do I need a smartphone?"

It might seem like a strange question in this day and age, but you'd be surprised to know that there is a thriving market for basic mobiles, especially as backup phones and gifts for kids and parents. At a fifth of the price of smartphones, it's a category worth browsing.

"How is the call quality?"

Before Candy Crush and WhatsApp, phones were primarily for calling people, right? However, most shoppers tend to overlook call quality – one of the most critical and central features of your device. From transmission quality to reception and volume, be sure you ask which models have the clearest calls.


"Realistically, how is the battery life?"

This is one of the trickiest things to discern while shopping for a smartphone. A phone's battery life will depend on its own capacity and the type of usage. When getting insights on battery life, try to get an idea of the capacity based on different types of usage patterns.

"How do the back- and front-facing cameras perform in low light?"

Almost every smartphone comes with back and front-facing cameras, but not all mobile cameras are made alike. Along with megapixels, check for a Xenon flash for better illumination, the largest possible image sensor and special low-light camera settings. Some cameras produce stellar images in bright store lighting, but what about in a dim environment? Test the cameras thoroughly.

"How big should the display be?"

For people that use their mobiles frequently for entertainment, a large, vibrant, crystal-clear display in high resolution makes a huge difference in their enjoyment of the device. If you love to play mobile games, watch videos or take photos with your phone, look for adjustable brightness and contrast settings and Super AMOLED HD screens to enjoy every detail.


"What is the total cost for the phone including service plan, data, protection, etc.?"

It's always a good idea to set a budget before going into mobile stores to make an expensive purchase, and to stay within that budget, you need a complete picture of how much the phone will really cost. Ask about the cost of internet data, an extended warranty in case of damage and any other contractual costs that you may not have anticipated so you can get the smartphone you want and stay within your budget.


"What kind of warranty and tech support is included in my purchase?"

So let's say suddenly you drop your phone on the ground. What do you do next? That largely depends on your warranty and tech support coverage. Make sure you know what kinds of damages are covered, what you pay out-of-pocket and how available tech support will be in case something goes awry.

"Are there any deals or promotions happening soon?"

Even if you are not planning to buy a phone any time soon, drop in at a store once in a while and ask salespeople if they have any promotions coming up. You'll have plenty of time to plan your next device! Also keep track of the mobile phone brand's social media updates to stay tuned about upcoming promotions.