5 ways to make this UAE National Day memorable

By Samsung 23.11.2015

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5 ways to make this UAE National Day memorable

Celebrate the spirit of the union with shared moments and activities.

As the 44th UAE National Day approaches, the excitement and the anticipation builds up. The momentous occasion will be an opportunity to show appreciation for the beautiful country, demonstrate pride, cherish the heritage and celebrate the formation of the federation. It will also be a chance to rejoice with friends and family. From concerts and exhibitions to cultural performances at various venues, there are several activities lined up for entertainment and celebration that can keep you and peers occupied. Here are five more ways to make this National Day special and memorable:

Drive down memory lane

Are you an old time resident? Relive your memories by replicating your old photos in current settings. Took a photo in front of the World Trade Centre when it was the tallest building in Dubai and only had a stretch of sand beyond it? Re-take the shot in this age with the new background of skyscrapers that now complement the city's skyline. Share with friends and family as a display of how much the UAE has changed over the years. You can also share funny or interesting memes about the country that resonate with everyone.

Personalised greetings

If you want to do more than just send an SMS greeting or wish some 'Happy National Day' over the phone, there are different options you can explore. You can buy National Day greeting cards from stores or select existing templates available online, but they won't necessarily have that true personal touch.



This year, create personalised greetings for your friends and family. Put your designing skills into use and make personalised cards by adding photos and messages for people individually. If you want the convenience of creating one on the go, use your S Pen and draw or design your own template on the S Note and share it with friends.

Fun and games

Want a little fun and games in the mix? Get your friends together and play a pop quiz asking various questions about the country and its heritage. What are the names of the seven emirates? Who was first president of the UAE? Or, to make it more difficult: what was the first park in the country? Aside from the fun factor, it can be a learning experience for your peers.

As another competition, ask your friends to sing the national anthem and see who has it memorized correctly. You'll be surprised at how many people tend to jumble up stanzas of national anthems.

Does your friend claim to make the best al machboos? Challenge him or her in a cook-off and enjoy traditional delicacies as part of the National Day.

On the road

During National Day celebrations, it is common to see youngsters assemble in cars and drive along the busy roads playing patriotic songs on their car's music systems. If you're one of them, create a special playlist on your Galaxy Note5 or S6 edge+ of both traditional and contemporary Emirati songs and play them in your car via Bluetooth as you cruise the streets. The beauty of having the playlist on your phone is that you can take your music everywhere – whether you step out of the car for a casual stroll along the corniche or a picnic by the beach.

Share your experience

The magnificent National Day fireworks across the country are often a must-see affair and could be a pity to miss. Is your loved one away and you want to share this precious moment together?

share experience

Make use of the Live Broadcast feature on your Galaxy Note5 or S6 edge+ and livestream the fireworks footage, so that your loved one can virtually watch it together with you. Alternatively, you can record the fireworks and share the video later. With Video Image Stabilisation and the ability to record video in HD (3840x2160), the smartphones allow you to capture high-quality and steady videos for optimal viewing.