Discover Samsung Galaxy Note5 and S6 edge+

By Samsung 20.08.2015

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Discover Samsung Galaxy Note5 and S6 edge+

The latest devices in the Galaxy series are set to wow smartphone users.

This week marked the Gulf press launch of two dynamic devices that have set a new standard for the Galaxy series: The Samsung Galaxy Note5 and Galaxy S6 edge+. Phablet aficionados and smartphone admirers can prepare themselves for a greater handset experience with enhanced design, features and interface.

Note5 is by far the most powerful and beautiful version in the Note series. The latest addition to the S series, the stunning S6 edge+, is a notable upgrade from the S6 edge that was launched earlier this year and is set to create waves.

Discover more about them:

The touch of power

The Note5 and S6 edge+ are the latest Galaxy devices powered by a metal and glass exterior. Equipped with resilient glass, the phones are both visually striking and incredibly sturdy.

Their elegant design also makes them both pleasant to hold and easy to operate. The Galaxy Note5 features a slimmer, more palm-friendly shape than Note 4. Last year, Note 4 already came with the option of one-handed operation, which allowed users to align the keyboard to the left or right of the screen to make it easier to type with one hand. With the dual edge rear of the Note5, you can now wrap your hand more comfortably around the device and operate it with your thumb with more ease.

The dual-edged display of the S6 edge+ is equally convenient to manoeuver around and adds to the aesthetic value of the device.

Galaxy Note 5
Galaxy S6+

Engaging entertainment

Both devices have been launched with a generous 5.7" Quad HD Super AMOLED display to deliver a rich visual experience, whether you are a gaming enthusiast or a movie buff interested in watching HD movies on the go. The rich audio offers an acoustic delight when listening to your favourite tracks or getting immersed in the background score of a movie. Enjoy crisp sound through Bluetooth audio accessories that support UHQ Audio.

A form of expression

Taking photographs and videos has become more exciting with the different features the devices have to offer. The Galaxy Note5 and S6 edge+ boast of a 16MP rear and a 5MP front-facing camera – a step up from Note 4's 3.7MP front camera. Capture sharper photos with advanced selfie technology and filters, and play around with real-time HDR to select different exposure levels for different areas on an image.

With the ability to record video in HD (3840x2160), the phones present an opportunity to vividly reminisce and revisit cherished moments. Similar to Optical Image Stablisation, the device's Video Image Stabilisation feature lends support to unsteady hands to avoid shaky videos. A video collage mode allows users to combine up to four different video clips to create an exciting collage to share with friends and family.

But, why share a video after you have captured an exciting moment when you can show it live? With Live Broadcast, you can stream real time footage from your new devices and let your peers enjoy the livestream on YouTube.


Powered up

The devices are armed with fast charging capabilities, allowing you to keep up with hectic schedules and busy lifestyles. The days of looking for a charging cable under the bed or fishing for it behind the table are also numbered. The two phones can be charged wirelessly by simply placing them on a wireless charging pad that is connected to a power source. Go from zero to 100% in only 120 minutes with Samsung's latest wireless charger– no strings attached.

Charging on-the-go is also possible with handy accessories such as a portable (wireless) charger pack which doubles up as a sturdy case.

S Pen

Mightier S Pen

The Note5's S Pen has also had a visual upgrade. With a metallic finish, it suits the aesthetic metal and glass feel of the device. Instead of pulling the pen as in the previous Note devices, you can press to eject it. An improved Air Command is also activated immediately when the S Pen is out, with direct options to write an Action Memo, capture portions of the screen through Smart Select, scribble notes on screenshots and captured images via Screen Write, access S Note, etc. The most awkward shapes can be selected and captured in one swift move with the ease of the S Pen.

At the edge

The S6 edge+ pairs a beautiful larger screen with the functionality and the convenience of the S6 edge. The device's dual edge can display your favourite contacts and most frequently used apps for quick and easy access. Colour-code your favourite contacts to know who is calling even when the phone is upside down. Make a quick call or send pokes and emojis to your edge contacts through OnCircle in an instant.

S6 edge+

Pre-installed apps to simplify your life

The two devices come with some useful pre-installed apps to help users stay connected to work, manage storage and simplify other functions. With the amount of data we store on our phones – from photos and videos to work documents – additional storage always comes in handy. With OneDrive, users can enjoy 100GB of free cloud storage for up to two years and make use of remote access to important data.

SideSync simplifies synchronisation with other devices, such as PCs and tablets, whether it is for personal or professional use. Share your screen, transfer data and even respond to your text messages from your computer screen. So if a client sends you a text message while you're using the computer, you can reply through the PC itself, instead of switching devices.