5 things you can control with your Galaxy phone

By Samsung 04.03.2015

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5 things you can control with your Galaxy phone

One device for different needs.

Gone are the days when you needed multiple remotes to operate various electronics in your house. In this interconnected age, you can use your Galaxy smart phone as a universal remote to control the sights, sounds and atmosphere at home.

Learn what you can control with your constant companion (and this just scratches the surface):


Did your wife snatch the TV remote again? Or did your little one toddle away with it, pressing numbers on it like a phone's dial pad?

You don't have to get off that couch. Take your Samsung phone and flip back to the channel you were watching, using the Samsung TV Remote App).


HOW? The app is compatible with most Samsung TV models, such as the 40-inch H6300 Smart Full HD TV. Simply connect to the same wireless network as your TV and pair your device. You can control your TV's settings, adjust volume, browse channels, set personalized options and enjoy a seamless viewing experience.

Audio devices

Audio devices

As a music enthusiast, you can enhance your experience by pairing your device with your audio and Blu-ray home entertainment system. Fill your house with the sound of music with your Wireless Audio System's multi-room speaker setup.

Use the Shape Multiroom App on your smart phone to create playlists, adjust speaker volumes and send songs to individual speakers to activate multiple play modes.

Washing machines and dryers

You no longer need to do your laundry while being restricted to the confines of your home. With Samsung's Laundry App, you can operate and track the progress of your laundry on the go with compatible washing machines and dryers, such as the WW9000. The app can also notify you when the cycle is complete.

Air conditioners

Stepping into a humid and stuffy house after a long, hot day does little to lift your spirits.

Use your phone app to turn on your smart air conditioners on your way home and get welcomed by a cool breeze when you enter the house.


Multi-tasking is made easier with your Galaxy device by your side.

Connect your device to the wireless network and print a document by sending a command through your phone, while you stir your coffee in the kitchen.