Remember that kids are constantly learning and there’s no need to be demanding perfection. That being said, you can implement a number of simple rules and assign household chores to save time. Here are 5 time saving tips for big families:

Make laundry fun

Doing laundry for a large family can be a challenge. In order to make it easier, teach kids to separate their clothes according to colours, so you don’t have to do it yourself and waste time. A different laundry basket for each colour will save you time. Do laundry regularly and on a set day for maximum efficiency. Back to back loads will save money and energy, and folding clothes can also be turned into a game with the children.

Prepare meals in advance


Having a meal plan and a grocery list at the ready will greatly help and save time with meal preparation and food shopping. Use the Twin Cooling Plus refrigerator to keep food for a whole week and avoid constant time wasting trips to the grocery shop. With its spacious interior carrying up to 850 litres coupled with the SpaceMax technology™, your fridge will guarantee enough space to keep your food fresher for longer, and less stress during meals planning and preparation.

Plan ahead

Planning will save you time on the long run. Weekly planning can be set so everyone knows what to do and when, and will save time as well as fights between siblings. Have a to-do list with each name, and assign tasks to help around the house while keeping it equal among kids. Being organised is a must for large families so make sure to have a calendar ready and approved by all to have information easily accessible.

Delegate efforts

During common chores and tasks especially, make sure to delegate efforts to every child, according to their age of course. Teach how to do things to everyone and ensure the tasks are divided equally for a better atmosphere around the house and a better managed household. More mature kids can help with sorting clothes out before laundry while the little ones can tidy their toys for example. Turn some tasks into a game to make it fun and rewarding for all!

Remove clutter

Cleaning is made more difficult when there is clutter around. From a young age, teach your children to tidy their toys and keep the space clean. This can be a duty for the eldest ones as well. Simple things such as putting things back where they were taken, or sort them into baskets can greatly help to save time during household chores.