If you get into a good rhythm and form healthy habits, keeping fit should be natural and effortless.

As we are slowly but surely getting out of the unbearably hot and humid summer, it's time to get back into a healthy lifestyle for the winter season. Here are 6 effortless ways to be your healthier and fitter self:

Listen to your body

Hunger can manifest itself at any time, but learn to differentiate real and fake hunger is crucial. Real hunger will build up gradually, while fake hunger will be triggered by the view of food, or even disguised thirst. Try and take a walk or drink a glass of water if you suddenly feel hungry, and see if the hunger is still there before indulging in a snack.

Trust the wisdom of your own body. This will make you eat less, but you also will find yourself eating differently and healthier nutrients.

Stop weighting yourself

Avoid weighting yourself on the scale and change the way you see yourself. Your weight can vary according to several factors, and does not represent an accurate representation of your fitness level.

The risk is to start a shame spiral that will result in emotional eating. Being fit and in shape is not measured by how much you weigh, and remember, muscle is heavier than fat!

Laugh a lot

Laughter relieves stress, fact. But did you know that stress often triggers unhealthy habits, which lead to weight gain? When stressed or under pressure, your body releases glucose in abundance, which itself will trigger insulin release.
Insulin converts the glucose to stored fat and can lead to serious health issues, such as diabetes.

Try and relax by practicing a sports that you like or meditation regularly, and learn to let go of a stressful environment, at least for a moment.

Sleep more

Being sleep-deprived or not getting your quote of quality sleep will slow down your metabolism. The two hormones linked with this process are ghrelin and leptin. When you're sleep-deprived, your body will release more ghrelin, which will make you hungry when your body doesn't really need food.

Leptin is released when your body is telling you to stop eating, and is released in lesser quantities when you lack sleep. As a result, you might not feel satiety and this might lead to weight gain and feeling less fit overtime if you keep sleeping too little.

Track your fitness level


There's no best way to track your fitness stats than directly from your wrist. The Samsung Gear Fit2 gives you all the information you need on its 1,5 inches curved super AMOLED display, such as the activity you've taken, the calories you've burnt, even to the water and coffee you've drank. The GPS fitness tracker can even recognize which exercise you choose to do during your workout session and know if you're doing squats, riding a bike, using a rowing machine or doing yoga, and log them accordingly.

Track your sleep easily as well with the Gear Fit2: your sleeping pattern will be entered into a log that you can consult and adapt your sleeping schedule to meet your daily needs.

Take the stairs

While for most people, exercise means working out, it can be as simple as walking faster or take the stairs on a regular basis. Both are good to engage in, but climbing stairs results in increased health benefits as more effort is required. Even if you climb stairs at a normal pace, you will still benefit from it more than walking at a brisk page. This could be as simple as parking your car further from the office and enjoy a 5 minute walk to your building if the weather allows it, or getting out of the lift a few floors below yours and finish on foot. Plus, you might even arrive at your floor earlier!

Working towards your healthier and fitter self isn't a short journey. Taking good habits and having realistic goals are crucial in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Monitoring the changes you make and sticking to your new resolution is a must, and remember to take it a step at a time to keep it doable.

Comment below to let us know how you work toward being your healthier and fitter self!