7 ways to save energy around the house

By Samsung 24.11.2015

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7 ways to save energy around the house

Learn how to save energy and contribute to a healthier environment with a few easy changes around your home.

Whether you're blasting the AC in your living room or sending money down the drain while using an outdated washing machine, energy waste is something that we've all been guilty of at one time or another. Thankfully, there are lots of easy ways to use significantly less energy and lower your utility bills.

RT6000 refrigerator

Upgrade your fridge

Refrigerators are one of the biggest energy hogs of all the appliances in your home and they are left on all the time, for several years.

If your fridge is outdated (particularly 10 years or older), you can save over 70% on energy usage by upgrading to a newer model.

Samsung's RT6000 TMF Refrigerator with Digital Inverter Technology uses an energy-efficient Digital Invertor Compressor that automatically adjusts as it cools across all seven sections of your fridge, saving you money and guaranteeing a consistent cool for all your food.

Find and fix air leaks

Many people's utility bills are dominated by temperature control in their home. Can you imagine living in the Gulf in the summertime without air conditioning? Many families living in the MENA region leave their air conditioning running all day on the highest setting, and even have a separate air conditioner in most rooms of the house. However, air leaks around doors and windows can contribute to significantly higher energy usage. Caulk and seal any areas where you find a draft, or ask a specialist to identify air leaks in your home.

Lower your water heater temperature

When was the last time that you checked your hot water temperature? You might be surprised to find that your hot water thermostat may be turned up much higher than you actually need! Even those among us who simply can't start the day without a steaming-hot shower should set their water thermostat at 60 degrees Celsius, sometimes half the temperature that is selected by default. This saves lots of energy wasted on water that needs to be cooled back down to a usable temperature.

Pre-treat before you wash

If you've ever tried to tackle a tough stain by washing a garment over and over again until the stain fades, you can save water, energy and detergent by pre-treating.

Many people skip this step because it seems time-consuming and inconvenient, but many modern washing machines, like the Samsung WA5700J Top Loader with Activ Dualwash technology, have built-in pre-treat sinks that do the bulk of the work before your favourite garment even enters the wash.

WA5700J Activ Dualwash

Swap out all your bulbs

Did you know that you can save 75% on lighting energy used around the house by simply replacing incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs)? The majority of the energy used to light an incandescent bulb doesn't even go toward lighting your home – about 90% of it is converted to heat. On average, a household spends about 10% of its electricity budget on lighting, so don't waste your money on wasteful bulbs. CFLs last ten times longer than traditional bulbs, and come in a very wide variety of hues, shapes and brightness levels so that you can save energy without scrimping on style.

Consider your household size

Turning your air conditioner up on high might make sense when you have a house full of kids, but what about when you're home alone? Lots of appliances come with special settings for small households or solo users. Try Samsung AR7000 Wall-Mount AC with Fast Cooling, which comes with a Single User Mode; the new setting lets you reduce power consumption so that your house feels cool and comfortable without wasting lots of extra energy.

Identify devices on standby

If it's plugged into your wall, chances are it is still using energy – even when it's been turned off! Try to identify all of your devices that operate on standby mode, and upgrade the biggest energy users with a model that uses significantly lower amounts of energy when not in use. Samsung MW5100H Convection Microwave Oven with Slim Fry technology, for example, has a special ECO Mode that dials down power usage to the lowest possible amount of energy when it's not heating food, resulting in smaller power bills and a happier earth.