Get the most out of your mobile with Samsung Kies

By Samsung 06.09.2015

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Get the most out of your mobile with Samsung Kies

Seamlessly switch between devices and organise data.

Have you ever felt frustrated with the functionality gap between operating systems, such as Windows, iOS and Android? It doesn't make sense to have to manually copy schedules, alarms and documents from a work MacBook to your Android smartphone, for example. Many of us have experienced the confusion of syncing settings or files between our devices, but thanks to Samsung Kies, the hassle of communicating between devices can become a thing of the past.

Samsung Kies is an app that can work wirelessly or via USB connection between your computer, tablet or mobile phone. The name came from K.I.E.S., which used to stand for "Key Intuitive Easy System," which reflects the app's signature ease of use. The application is available for both PC and Mac computer owners, so users can get started by downloading Kies on the devices they intend to use, checking their Android version under Apps > Settings > About Device in order to determine whether to use Kies 3 (for Android 4.3) and Kies 2.6 (for all older versions of Android).

Kies support is available for a wide range of Samsung devices, such as Samsung Galaxy 3, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Note 5 and more.

Read on to discover ways that Samsung Kies can protect and organise your information and files, and make using your cross-system devices hassle-free.

upgrade software

Upgrade your software

There's nothing more annoying than having to manually update software on each of your devices one-by-one, or even worse: having updates take place at unexpected and inconvenient times. By selecting your device's name on Kies, you can see if new firmware is available and download it easily. You can also find cool new apps by selecting Samsung Apps from the home screen and browsing through a wide selection to download. You can browse for addictive games, tools to keep up with the news, creative photo-editing apps, and much more.

Back up your contacts

"Sorry guys, I lost my phone – can you send me your contacts/email addresses?" Messages like this are ubiquitous all over Facebook and other social networking sites, but this problem can be easily avoided with Kies. Connect your mobile to your PC using a USB cable, then select your device's name at the top of the screen and click on the tab titled Sync. Then, click Sync contacts with… and choose a place to store your information. You can either sync all contacts, or just a selection of new and important ones, such as clients or colleagues.

Organise your schedule

Have you ever missed a meeting or overlooked a loved one's birthday because it wasn't synced on all your devices? Forgetting an important event is everyone's worst nightmare, but you can organise your professional and personal schedules easily using Kies. Simply select your device's name at the top of the screen, click the Sync tab, and select Sync Schedule with Outlook to either save your entire schedule or a selected folder of special events (such as workouts, birthdays, bill payments, etc.). You can also choose to sync your schedule during a certain period of time – which can be useful if you're taking a vacation or business trip and only want to use one device while on the go.

Manage your music

Not having access to all your music on all your devices can be a hassle – we've all experienced that urge to hear our new favourite song on a road trip or at work, only to realise that we only have it on one device: inevitably the device that isn't with us at that particular moment. You can keep your whole music collection organised with Kies by clicking the Sync tab and selecting Sync Music. Let's say that you just put together an amazing workout playlist for your time at the gym – all you have to do is select that playlist and click Sync to make sure that it's saved on all your devices.

Treasure your photos or videos

Our photos and videos are not just files, but cherished memories of our lives that are often irreplaceable. There's no excuse for losing your favourite images or videos in the digital age; Samsung Kies can ensure that you have a protected backup of all your favourite image files. Select Sync, then Sync Photos and Sync Videos to choose which photos you'd like to back up – favourites that are starred, images and movies that are recently added, or new folders are just a few of the options.

photos or videos

Save your messages

There are many kinds of SMSes that users would prefer to hold onto, from cherished messages from loved ones to updates regarding your bank account. If anything happens to your mobile, it would be a shame to lose all of your messages permanently. Samsung Kies can help you back up and transfer text messages from your mobile to your computer with ease; you can protect yourself in case your device is lost or stolen, or transfer your old messages to a brand new smartphone.