Give your dad the perfect Father’s Day gift

By Samsung 21.06.2015

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Give your dad the perfect Father’s Day gift

Brighten the day for the most important man in your life with these gift ideas from Samsung.

Most of your life, your father has been the one showering you with gifts and making your dreams come true – even if that meant sacrificing his own aspirations. This Father's Day, make him feel special by showing how important he is to you.

The best gift you can give him on this day is your time. Spend quality time with him by taking him out for dinner or engaging in any activity he enjoys. Be the one driving him around, as opposed to him being behind the wheel. Alternatively, if his definition of a wonderful day is just sitting at home with the family, then plan a family night in.

And if you want to do more than just spend time together, add the icing on the top by giving him the best Father's Day gift. Here are some great options from the Samsung family:

samsung gear s

Gear S

Samsung's Gear S is the perfect accessory for your father. It can be easily synced with his smartphone to deliver real-time updates and notifications. Through the S Health app, he can keep track of his health with the device's enhanced multi-sensors and built-in GPS. Whether he wants to calculate the steps he has taken with the S Health's pedometre or monitor his heart rate, it will be a simple process with the Gear S. Moreover, with 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, he will be able to answer your calls or respond to your messages, even if he is away from his mobile phone.

NX1 camera

For parents, the memories of their children are the most cherished moments. Gift your father an NX1 camera to help him capture precious moments with his family. Along with a fast image processor, the NX1 has a powerful shutter that is capable of shooting at up to 1/8000 second, which can help him capture clear images, even with an unsteady hand. If your father is fond of chronicling family activities, he will enjoy the NX1's 4k UHD video recording feature, which delivers video with four times the resolution of Full HD content. The camera's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity will also make it easier to instantly transfer high-quality photos and videos to his phone or laptop and share it with the family.

Galaxy S6 or S6 edge

If your father is a busy person like most dads, then multitasking is the name of the game for him. How many times have you been in the living room when he had to attend a quick work call or send an urgent email after working hours? Simplify multitasking for him but gifting him the Galaxy S6 or S6 edge. In addition to the easy user interface and advanced functionality, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge feature a multi-window option that will allow him to seamlessly switch between different apps and functions. The phones' fast-charging capabilities will also help him quickly charge his phone between meetings, with 10 minutes of charging providing approximately four hours of usage*.

Galaxy S6

Galaxy Tab S

Gift him a Galaxy Tab S to help him stay connected with his loved ones. Help him enjoy long Skype video chats during his evening tea or read the news online while the family gathers in the living room. He can also sync the tablet with his computer to remotely control it via the internet and perform different functions, such as edit, save, drag or drop documents.

So, what gift will you give him this Father's Day?

*Recharge time and duration may vary according to individual usage patterns.