Keep your clothes fresh and clean with Activ Dualwash

By Samsung 18.10.2015

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Keep your clothes fresh and clean with Activ Dualwash

Deal with tough stains and simplify laundry days with Samsung’s convenient washing machine solutions.

We have all struggled with difficult stains – whether it is a food grease from lunch or a grass stain on our child's football jersey. Often, there are stains that require special treatment. Certain stains are too stubborn to wash away in a single cycle and certain fabrics are too delicate for repeat washing in a machine. Samsung's Activ Dualwash technology offers a convenient way to pre-wash your clothes and get rid of tough stains without ruining the fabric.

The common method of pre-treating clothes has been handwashing the stains in a basin or squatting over a bucket to scrub them away before putting them in the washer. Samsung washing machines with Activ Dualwash technology, such as the WA5700J Top Loader, take the inconvenience out of the process by featuring a built-in sink where you can treat the clothes before the cycle.

Simple pre-treating

All you have to do is put the clothing in the built-in sink and press the Water Jet button on the side of the machine, which will channel water into the sink. Soak the clothing in the water and add your preferred cleaning material to scrub. The sink has a corrugated surface that makes it easier to scrub the dirt off the clothes, without the need of a brush or a washing board.

washer sink

Once you are done with handwashing, you can easily drop the clothing into the washer. As the sink is in the washing machine itself, you don't have to worry about water dripping when you transfer the wet laundry into the machine. Once you tilt the sink, the leftover water will directly drain into the washer and the clothing will be dropped into the drum. You can then add the rest of the laundry and begin the cycle.

Some Samsung washing machine models with Active Dualwash technology are also equipped with other useful modes and solutions:

magic dispenser

Eliminating residual detergent

Have you ever encountered a situation where residual detergent is stuck to some of your clothes after a round of washing? The hassle of dusting it off after every cycle can be taxing and counterproductive. With the washing machine's magic dispenser technology, you don't have to worry about that. The dispenser creates a powerful water vortex that dissolves detergent and disperses it evenly for optimal washing. This process takes care of any residual detergent and eliminates waste.

Efficient cleaning

If you're tired of pulling out tangled clothes from your washer or seeing them get damaged in the process, then trying Samsung washing machines with wobble technology will bring you relief. The machine's wobble pulsators generate a dynamic, multi-directional washing flow that prevents tangles and increases washing power. If you want energy efficiency, the washer's digital inverter technology optimally controls the motor's rotation to save energy while minimising noise.

wobble technology