Make every night a movie night with Samsung’s SUHD TV

By Samsung 01.04.2015

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Make every night a movie night with Samsung’s SUHD TV

Going to the cinema to watch a movie every week or month is well and good. But when you have the Samsung SUHDTV in your living room, you can make every night a movie night at your 24/7 accessible cinema.

With premium seats, stunning clarity, great sound quality and an immersive experience created by a curved screen, you'll feel as if you're in a Gold or Grand Class cinema.

Whether you want a romantic movie night with your significant other or have friends coming over to watch the latest flick on the big screen, the SUHD TV is your perfect companion. With the comfort of your couch, a fridge full of goodies and a theatre-like experience, you're ready to begin your in-home cinematic journey.

Your movie experience can truly be a memorable one with the following – plus, a secret ingredient!

sensational picture

Rich visuals

The SUHD TV's nano crystal colour technology creates a more accurate reproduction of colours (64 times more colour expression than conventional TVs), delivering rich hues and a life-like quality. Whether you're watching Avatar, The Hobbit or Freej, you will be able to enjoy a wide spectrum of colours with great clarity.

Immersive detail

With high brightness enabled by peak illuminator technology and deeper contrast capabilities via Precision Black Pro, you won't miss any details of the cinematography.

The new cell structure of the SUHD TV's 10-bit panel enables higher light transmittance than a conventional UHD TV, while High Dynamic Range technology makes bright areas even brighter without consuming more power. Feel the excitement similar to when you watch the magnificent Burj Khalifa fireworks on New Year's Eve.

immersive detail

Adding life to the video

The SUHD TV's re-mastering algorithm and UHD upscaling image processing technology deliver enhanced visuals to excite your senses. Samsung has also partnered with Hollywood studio, 20 th Century Fox, and the Fox Innovation Lab, to re-master and optimise content for SUHD, so even non-UHD videos can be enjoyed with a high-quality visual experience.

auto depth enhancer

All around you

The curved screen and greater depth perception created by the Auto Depth Enhancer will make you feel more than just an intrigued spectator. The SUHD TV will also be available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 48" to a massive 88" for those aspiring for larger-than-life experiences.


Along with perfect visuals and sound, there is another key element that creates an unmatched movie experience: great company. Watching a movie with friends and family adds to the entertainment and makes the occasion truly memorable. You laugh louder, giggle longer and empty the tissue box quicker. So let's make memories for everyone. Which movie would you recommend others for the following movie experiences?

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