Manage diabetes with your smartphone

By Samsung 12.11.2015

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Manage diabetes with your smartphone

Many Samsung smartphone features can help you stay organised while living with diabetes.

Keeping track of your insulin, eating healthy meals, avoiding starches and sugar, scheduling medical appointments – managing diabetes requires lots of organisation and attention to detail, which can be hard when you're already juggling your home, work and family. Luckily, cutting-edge smartphone technology is making it easier than ever to maintain your health while managing diabetes. This World Diabetes Day (November 14), start exploring these simple features that can help you.

Never miss medications

When you're living with diabetes, managing injections, medications and vitamin supplements is one of the most important things that you do each day. Samsung's SideSync feature, available on Samsung smartphones such as Galaxy Note5, makes sure that important alerts and notifications don't get lost in the mix while you're going about your busy day.


You can share the screen between your smartphone and computer easily, allowing you to receive alarms and use other features of your phone right from your computer, so you never have to worry about forgetting when it's time to take your insulin or oral medications when you're away from your phone.

Schedule exercise

Exercise is particularly beneficial to people who have diabetes. As the muscles are being used, sugar in the bloodstream is used for fuel so it assists in lowering your blood sugar. Additionally, exercise can combat diabetes-related conditions like glycosylated joints by strengthening your muscles and joints every day and eliminating stiffness and discomfort.

Exercising moderately for at least 20 minutes a day, while combining aerobic exercise and resistance training, is easy to manage using an app like Samsung S Health. 

The app is accessible from your Samsung smartphone and lets you track your exercise circuits, count how many steps you've taken and review charts and data related to your health goals.

Additionally, you can make sure that you remember to eat healthy meals throughout the day at set times to avoid blood sugar spikes with a snack, water and meal tracker.

S Health

Save and adapt recipes

Adjusting the way that you cook for a healthy life with diabetes is one of the hardest parts of the condition. Researching and finding recipes for healthy meals takes time, and writing down substitutions for starches and sugar can be even harder.

Sharing and adapting recipes is easy with Galaxy technology. Samsung smartphones such as the Galaxy Note5 offer the S Pen, an amazingly precise tool that can draw, scribble, cut and write on your smartphone's screen. You can use Air Command functionality to Smart Select a recipe online, and then use the Screen Write function to take notes directly on images, adapting them for a diabetes-friendly diet by swapping out white flour for wholegrain, refined sugar for a bit of agave nectar, and so on.

Prioritise important health contacts

Staying on top of your health when you're diagnosed with diabetes is critical, and there is a team of important contacts you will want to keep easily accessible if you ever have a health concern or question. Samsung smartphones such as the Galaxy S6 edge lets you have richer interactions with your doctor and loved ones with a unique colour-coded contact feature.

S6 edge

Choose your five most-important contacts – let's say three family members, your doctor and your nutritionist – and assign a colour to represent them.

Whenever you receive an important SMS, call or other alert, their notifications will show up on the phone's edge so you know that someone important to you is getting in touch to see how you're feeling.

Enable emergency features

Now that you're living with diabetes, you're probably an expert when it comes to managing your health and diet. However, even the most meticulous of us might find ourselves feeling under the weather once in a while because of diabetes. If you ever find yourself suddenly feeling ill, whether it's a higher-than-normal fever or the inability to retain food or medications, make sure you get in touch with a medical professional immediately.

If you happen to find yourself feeling faint or unable to find help, Samsung smartphones such as the Galaxy S6 edge offer a helpful – and sometimes life-saving – SOS function. Just set up your SOS Messages feature that – when triggered by pressing the power button three times – will send a view from your front and back camera, audio clip, and your GPS location so that help will be on the way in no time at all.