Reduce your energy consumption will help you save money while keeping yourself and your family cool during the long and warm summer. Challenge yourself to save energy (and money) with these 6 energy saving tips.

Keep blinds closed during the day

Keeping your curtains and windows closed during the day will keep the sun's rays out of the house and keep it a little bit cooler. This is a no cost and efficient way to save energy and money, and will also preserve your fragile furniture from the aggressive summer sun rays.

Cook smart

Using your microwave to cook food instead of a stove or oven will reduce your energy consumption by two thirds. During the summer, you can also do barbecues if you have a garden or a common BBQ area in your building. Heating up your oven daily will warm up your home, resulting in an increased energy consumption from your A/C system to cool the place. If you really have to use your oven, try and do it at cooler times such as early morning.

Use a Smart fridge

Use a Smart fridge

When leaving for holidays, or just to adapt your fridge use, make sure your fridge and freezer are set to keep food during the whole time you're away. The technology present in the Twin Cooling Plus Refrigerator offers five different modes, including Freezer-Fridge, Energy Saving, Vacation, Fridge Max and Mini mode. The Vacation mode will keep the freezer on while deactivating the fridge part, for a more efficient and money saving way to store food during the time you're on holidays.

Turn the A/C off

Whenever you step out of your home, make sure to turn the air conditioning units off. While it's more enjoyable to go home to a cool house, the A/C only needs minutes to cool down a room, so you can turn it on right when you get home. Keeping it on while you're away is a waste of energy and money. Make sure that the A/C filters are clean. Dirty AC filters will make your unit work harder and use more energy.

Unplug all devices

When you are getting ready to leave on holidays for a while, make sure to unplug all electronic devices. Even if they are turned off, they might use some energy while plugged. Turn off power strips and unplug them for an extra energy savings during your holidays.

Solar-powered laundry

Summer is the best time to dry your clothes outside. Skip the dryer this summer and use the free energy of the sun to dry your laundry. This will protect your fragile clothes, by using a more natural and softer way of doing laundry. It might even take less time to dry!

There are many ways to save energy and money, so it's up to you to take part in making the summer an enjoyable one for all.Keeping your energy consumption and spending low will also give your wallet a break!