Smartwatch hacks for women's health

By Samsung 13.10.2015

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Smartwatch hacks for women's health

Today’s smartwatches are packed with little-known features to help you stay healthy.

If you haven't branched out into wearable devices yet, now might be the perfect time. Smartwatches combine cutting-edge technology and monitoring hardware in one chic, sleek package. They're packed with special features to help you reach your fitness goals, monitor health risks like sun exposure, reduce stress and achieve better sleep so you look and feel great. Read on for helpful smartwatch hacks that contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

See the big picture

Even women that are most knowledgeable about health don't have a clear view of how they can improve their existing habits and fitness. The S Health app on your Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch evaluates your lifestyle with different assessments – such as weight, stress, sleep, food and exercise – and gives you one easy ranking between 1 and 100 to help you better understand how your overall health stacks up. This lifestyle score gives you a helpful summary of where you need to improve and will leave you excited to challenge yourself to improve even more.

S Health

Get weather and traffic conditions

Have you ever popped out of the house for a run, only to find yourself unprepared for a sandy, dusty haze outside? Or perhaps you were hoping for some peace and quiet during an evening powerwalk, but got stuck in a honking, bumper-to-bumper traffic jam instead? Apps such as EasilyDo for the Samsung Galaxy Gear S smartwatch can help you choose the best times to head to the gym or go for a jog, with traffic updates, local forecasts, bad weather alerts and much more.

No trainer needed

Samsung Gear Fit is specially-designed to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, and one of our favorite features is a built-in coach that motivates you through a tough workout. Select "Coach" and monitor your heartrate automatically while doing your favourite exercises, and when you start to lag, the Gear Fit will provide real-time coaching. Your coach will let you know when you should increase the number of workouts per week and provide you with fun and challenging missions to help you meet your fitness goals.

Perfect your playlist

Whether you need a high-intensity jam to fuel your next long-distance run on the treadmill or a soothing track to help you unwind before going to sleep, music's powerful effect on your brain is undeniable. Don't worry about load times and buffering – you can simply store all your favourite tunes on your smartwatch and connect with a Bluetooth headset so that you stay in the zone without all the messy wires. The Samsung Gear 2 offers a stand-alone audio player so that you don't have to fiddle with a streaming app and can just enjoy the music.

Pick a preferred arm

Fitness buffs know that not all gym tools are optimised for left-handed people. Whether you're right-handed or a leftie, you can even customise which arm you wear your smartwatch on – on the Samsung Galaxy Gear, visit your Settings --> Power --> Sound and choose your "preferred arm." This will help you make and receive calls more easily as well as switch the primary and noise-cancelling microphone whenever necessary.

Gear S2

Move it outdoors

Even though the MENA region has some of the world's best trainers and state-of-the-art fitness facilities, don't limit your workouts to the confines of your gym. As the weather cools down pleasantly during fall and winter, try beach yoga, neighbourhood jogs and group classes outside. Don't let your smartwatch's functionality get hindered by the sun's bright glare – you can adjust the brightness in your Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 to view it clearly in sunlight.

Samsung smartwatches like the Gear 2 and Gear Fit are also resistant to water and dust, so you can take them to the beach, the desert and beyond.

Stay safe with SOS

Women in MENA are constantly on the go, running between work, home, errands and activities constantly. Even with impeccable planning, emergencies sometimes happen, and the Samsung Gear 2 has a special feature to help protect your health and safety: an SOS message with your location. Go to Gear Manager --> Settings --> Safety Assistance and set up "Send Help Messages." This way, if you ever face a sudden health concern and need assistance, you can simply push your smartwatch's main button three times and then send an auto SOS message with your current location right away.

Sleep peacefully

Women's health isn't just about getting strong and fit – getting enough high-quality sleep is crucial for your overall health and helps you contribute to your fitness goals. If you're using a smartwatch like the Samsung Gear Fit, you can select the "Coach" section of your device and adjust your settings so that you're not forgetting to find balance in other areas than just exercise. For example, if you find yourself feeling overly tired, the built-in fitness coach will monitor your sleep movements and provide helpful tips for deep, healing sleep.