Spice up your outdoor plans with music

By Samsung 08.12.2015

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Outdoor music

How you can add the flavour of music to make your outing more enjoyable.

Winter is here! Malls, cafes and cinemas are busy all year round, but at this time of the year, people heavily flock to open-air spaces to cherish the wonderful weather that graces us after months of waiting.

As the weather in the region gets more pleasant, it's time for more picnics, barbecues and beach plans. This month, get your friends and family together for an unforgettable outdoor trip – be it a desert safari, picnic at the beach, a yacht cruise or any other adventurous activity, such as jet skiing or parasailing.

How can you make it more exciting? Add the flavour of music with fun activities and games to keep everyone engaged. Here are some ideas:

Get surround sound at your yacht party

The creek is delightful and serene at this time of the year, and the weather is perfect to explore the deep waters on a yacht trip. Make your experience memorable with the beautiful sky stretching above you and the sound of music surrounding you. Connect your Wireless Audio 360 R7 speakers or carry your portable R6 device to listen to music in high quality.

Through Samsung's Ring Radiator technology, the sound travels in a ring shape around the speaker and projects sound evenly in all directions. So you can ride the wave of a surround sound experience on board. Simply download Samsung's latest Multiroom App 2.0 from major app stores and relish seamless music while controlling the speakers through your phone.

Wireless Audio Multiroom App

Explore your friends' playlists

Change the music according to the mood of the evening and cater to everyone's tastes. Someone could be in the mood to dance to upbeat pop music, while another could be requesting a slow romantic song to lighten the atmosphere. Why get limited to your own smartphone's playlist? Use the Multiroom App to access your friends' playlists on their phones and enjoy a wide variety of music on the R6 speaker. With the app's easy interface and wheel dial navigation, playing songs, changing tracks and switching music sources can be done instantly and conveniently from your mobile device.

Create your own orchestra

Planning an overnight picnic by the beach with your friends? After a few fun activities and a wholesome meal, it's often time to relax and unwind. Does your list of friends include a budding guitarist or an aspiring singer? And do you have a few empty tins of food and other boxes to spare? Enjoy overnight singing sessions around a bonfire and create your own music with make-shift drums and other instruments.

Play musical games

No, we don't meant the age-old musical chairs or Pass The Parcel – unless you want a throwback to your childhood era. There are many other games you can play with music that can be a nice breather from the usual card and board games. Play 'Guess the song' or 'Guess the artist' by playing the first few seconds of a track as a clue. Or ask friends to complete the song after stopping it mid-way. You can also add your own spin by shouting out the name of a song and seeing which of your friends can find and play it on their phones first.

Have an open-air karaoke night

Karaoke is a great opportunity to enjoy with friends, display your singing skills and add a unique flavour of music to your get together. But why should it be an activity you can only engage in at home or other indoor environments? Hold your own karaoke competition during a picnic at the park or bonfire by the beach. Download instrumental versions of your favourite tracks, and play it on the portable R6 speaker in the background while you bring the lyrics to life with your voice.