Take surround sound with you wherever you go

By Samsung 12.08.2015

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Take surround sound with you wherever you go

Samsung’s Wireless Audio Multiroom app makes it easier to unify and share music across your home and beyond.

Among the main factors considered when looking for speakers are great sound quality and an appealing design. The new Samsung Wireless Audio 360 speakers have checked these tick boxes with a unique, aerodynamic, stylish design and rich, omnidirectional sound. With the latest version of the Samsung Wireless Audio Multiroom app, they also offer the added value of ease of operation to make your music experience seamless and memorable.

The speakers feature built-in Wi-Fi capabilities and can be controlled via your smartphone with the help of the multiroom app. Whether you want to organise your playlist or adjust the volume, you can manage the functions with ease by wirelessly connecting the devices. Aside from your smartphone playlists, the app allows you to play music from nearby devices connected to the wireless network, streaming music sources and other internet platforms. So you can enjoy a variety of songs from different sources.

Grouped speakers

Multiroom experience

Your music doesn't have to be limited to one room. By placing speakers across different rooms, you can take your music wherever you go. From adjusting the cushions in the living room, to folding laundry in your bedroom and printing a quick document in the study, you can continue listening to music around your house.

Simply click on 'Add a speaker' in the multiroom app to connect to a different speaker through the wireless network. You can even add a speaker manually by holding the Source and Standby buttons simultaneously for five seconds until you hear a notification. Then, tap OK to continue.

You can choose to play different songs on different speakers or group them to play the same music, no matter where they are in the house.*

The aerodynamic design of the R7 speaker blends well in all types of room settings, with options to set it on a table, a tripod floor stand or mount it from the wall. If one of your speakers is a bit far from the Wi-Fi range, your first speaker can also work as a Wi-Fi range extender to allow a connection.

Outdoor adventure

Are you planning to camp in the desert or party by the beach? Or do you simply want to have a relaxing poolside experience? The cordless R6 comes with built-in battery, making it a convenient portable device for outdoor activities. Take your speaker with you to enjoy great music with your friends. You can turn your smartphone into a Wi-Fi hotspot and connect to the speaker to play songs through the multiroom app.

How else does the Samsung Wireless Audio Multiroom App make your life easier?

Remote access

You can remotely control the speaker as long as you are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and within the range. If your children are playing loud music on the upper floor of your villa, you can use the app on your smartphone to turn down the volume from the living room downstairs.

Simple navigation

The app features a touch wheel dial navigation to offer you a smoother song selection, direct play from the home screen immediately upon launch, and quick switching to and from the Speaker List and Browser.

Bluetooth connectivity

If you're not near a Wi-Fi source, you can connect to your audio devices via Bluetooth.

*should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.