Up your dad’s tech game this Father’s Day

By Samsung 19.06.2016

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Up your dad’s tech game this Father’s Day

Family bonding time and memories are one of the most precious gifts you can give to a father. Stylish tech gadgets and big boy’s toys come close second.

Your dad has probably already enough ties and coffee mugs. Time to gift him something more meaningful this Father's Day that he will actually use and brag about for the months to come!

Show you care

Show your dad you care both about his health and style and upgrade his outdated watch with a connected device this Father's Day! The Samsung Gear S2 will not only track his heart rate and steps, but also keep him on the loop with what's happening, giving him real time notifications, emails and calls. He can also change the band to adapt to a more sophisticated or playful mood, and customize the watch face for a different look every day!

Capture family moments

Capture family moments

Cherish family time and make memories this summer. Whether your family is more into board games, long conversations over a meal or sharing a hobby, bonding time is a true gift to your dad all year long. More than just a smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S7 will capture these precious moments and keep them for longer. Whether indoors or outdoors, the S7's F1.7 lens and 1.4µm pixels camera guarantee a sharp image regardless of the conditions.

Make him feel young again

Very little things can make your dad go back into childhood like a virtual reality game. Whether he has heard of the VR craze or is still new to the virtual reality world, the Samsung Gear VR is a safe bet to make him feel young again. Get ready to see him jump and turn as he will experience a 360 journey he will not forget!

Quality bonding time

Quality bonding time

The football season has just kicked off, and while the ticket to France might be a little overboard, there is no better way to get immersed into sports than on a big screen!

Even if you father isn't into sports, summer is the best season to catch up on movies and TV Shows missed throughout the year, especially during the Holy Month of Ramadan

The new SUHD TV and its Quantum Dot display brings life to your living room, and the HDR 1000 brings out the smallest details in the darkest shadows for a perfect TV experience even in bright daylight! It is available now to pre order and comes with up to a free 6-month subscription to Starzplay, among other benefits.

Above all, make sure you cherish your family and enjoy every little moment!

Happy Father's Day to all dads and dads-to-be.