Use voice commands to simplify your day

By Samsung 15.12.2015

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Use voice commands to simplify your day

Learn how to make everyday tasks simpler by using voice commands on your mobile device.

Whether you are a busy college student, a businessperson, or a stay-at-home parent, using voice commands can make your day a lot easier, by taking out the tedious task of scrolling through your phone for needed contacts, searches and more. It can also be an added convenience when you need to get your tasks done on the go, especially when your hands are occupied.

Here is how you can give your fingers and mind a rest by taking advantage of voice commands on your smartphone:

Search using voice commands

As a student, you are often pressed for time. Before you know it, your assignments are due the next day, you have a final exam and haven't started that research paper due at the end of the week. When you find yourself in a rush to complete major assignments and need to search quickly, use the S Voice feature on your Galaxy smartphone to find that much-needed information by simply asking your device to search and you will receive answers in seconds.


Create your schedule

If you are worried about forgetting that big dinner you promised your friends you'd attend, immediately add it to your calendar the second you get off the call using S Voice. It isn't always easy to sit down and write everything that you have lined up for the weeks to come. Make this simpler for yourself by keeping track of your schedule using voice commands. Simply speak to your device, stating events and reminders including dates and times, and the device will add these for you.

Use voice dial behind the wheel

Unfortunately, we all have those days where we are late for work and traffic is simply unbearable.

voice dial

If you have to make that dreaded phone call to your supervisor or notify your assistant about getting late, you can do so without compromising road safety with the hands-free assistance voice commands offer you.

You can even send a text message without taking your hands off the wheel, by saying, for example: "Text Salma message: Hold my calls, I will be arriving late today." This is both the quickest and safest way to send messages while you are behind the wheel.

Search for contacts hands free

Searching for contacts by hand can be time consuming, especially if you have a lot of contacts to search through. Whether you're driving, making dinner or studying, use voice commands to find contacts and call them without having to stop doing the task at hand. The device can bring up your contact quickly as well as make the call for you. If you're really busy and don't actually have time to stop and answer the phone, use voice commands to accept or reject incoming calls.

Find your way

For those of us who spend a lot of time on the road taking mini vacations, going to business meetings, and picking up and dropping off kids at sports games in different parts of the town, it can sometimes be difficult to find these places. While on the road, open S Voice and say "Navigate to" wherever you would like to go in order to find your destination with ease.

Looking for new cafes to try or a new boutique to spice up your wardrobe? Search for this using S Voice, which can provide you with nice new options as well as navigate you to these locations.

Simplify your day

For those of you who value the art of organisation, getting acquainted with the voice command functions of your phone will be great for staying organised and going hands free. Voice commands can help reduce the stresses of the day by becoming your automated secretary, so take full advantage.