Walking 10,000 steps a day to get healthier: myth or reality?

By Samsung 26.07.2016

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Walking 10,000 steps a day to get healthier: myth or reality?

The origins of the 10,000 steps objective are more historical than scientific.

In the 1960s, pedometers in Japan were called "manpo-kei" which roughly translates to "10,000 steps metre". They became increasingly popular within Japanese walking groups and people started to believe 10,000 steps was a goal in itself.

While various scientific studies have proven that regular walking improves considerably health conditions such as high blood pressure or high glucose levels, it might be the overall exercise that played a role instead of mere walking.

Why should I walk 10,000 steps a day?


Walking is an easy and convenient way of being active without being too time consuming or physically demanding. Walking regularly can help you burn calories, build stamina and be healthier in general.

It is recommended to exercise moderately at least about 150 minutes a week. If you walk your 10,000 daily steps, you're guaranteed to meet this goal and be healthier and more active in general. Walking helps clear your head and relax as well, and it's a perfect family bonding activity for the weekend!

How can I measure my steps?

An average person walks about 4,000 steps a day. Knowing how many steps you did and how many are left from your objective can help you stay motivated to reach your daily step goal.

The Samsung Gear Fit2 connected device measures not only your steps count, but also your pulse whenever needed, and any other types of exercise you may take, such as running, cycling or elliptical training. Seeing the number of steps on the GPS sports band is a great motivation for the little push you need to challenge yourself and get more active.

Will I lose weight by walking?

For a person weighting around 70kg, walking 10,000 steps will burn about 400 calories. If your goal is to lose weight, you will need to adapt your food habits and calories intake, but walking is a great way to get back into fitness. Start gradually, and increase your step goals a day for better results. Make sure to consult your doctor to ensure you are fit for the challenge first! 

What can I do to walk more?

10,000 steps might sound like a lot to fit in a busy day. There are many ways to walk more than usual. Try and use your car less and walk more to and from work, or alternatively, walk up the stairs back to your apartment or office.

You can also go the park on the weekend and make it a family day with a picnic and some games! If you find walking boring, try and find a walking partner to have a chat while you get these steps in, or listen to podcasts.

Walking is a gently exercise that needs to be implemented in your daily life. Tracking and measuring your steps is a great way to stay motivated.

Even though 10,000 steps are not a set number you must follow, having a goal will push you towards a more active and healthy lifestyle. When are you starting?