What a tech-savvy party host’s armory should include

By Samsung 15.04.2015

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What a tech-savvy party host’s armory should include

How you can keep your guests entertained through Smart Home technology.

It's that time of the year when you have invited your friends and family over for a party. You have prepared the most scrumptious three-course meal, your house is spick-and-span and your new China is neatly set on the table. All that is left is to give your guests an unforgettable experience when they arrive.

In this technologically-advanced world, there are many ways to add your own flavour of entertainment and set the perfect environment for the event. Here is how you can harness technology to throw a memorable and seamless party:

smart tv

Smart TV and home entertainment

Watch funny home videos with your guests on your Future Ready Ultra HD LED TV's rich display and relive your memories through the surround sound of your Samsung Home Theatre System. Or simply watch the latest episode of Arab Idol together through Samsung's Ultra HD Smart Blu-ray Player and follow up with audience response videos on YouTube on your Smart TV.


If you're a curved screen enthusiast, turn the event into a movie night by experiencing the latest action film through the All-New Samsung SUHD TV's sensational picture, life-like visuals, clear colours and impeccable detail.

Wireless-enabled devices

Tangled wires and hanging cords can be an eyesore, especially when they are in the same line of sight as your crystal vases. Stocking up your house with wireless-enabled appliances and devices cannot only make multi-device interaction easier for you and your guests, but also prevent clutter. Samsung's wireless Curved Airtrack, for instance, sits neatly under your Curved TV to deliver outstanding sound, without the area appearing cluttered or messy with wire extensions. Its elegant metal finish also adds to the visual appeal of your living room.


Set the mood with the perfect music. Whether you want to play soothing Oud instrumentals or Arabic hip hop to dance the night way, you can give your guests a taste of HD audio and a surround sound effect with Samsung's Home Theatre System. Control your playlists, speaker sound and other features through your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. If you're moving the party to another room, let the music follow you and your guests with Samsung's Wireless Multiroom Audio speaker system. Simply use the Shape Multiroom App to drag and play, and the speaker in the other room will start playing, taking the mood along with you.


Set the stage for aspiring singing sensations and modest bathroom singers with a competitive karaoke session. You don't have to buy a special karaoke machine. There are several apps available online that you can download on your Galaxy Tab S and play on your Smart TV. Or connect to karaoke with Samsung's HT-F453HK 5.1Ch Karaoke DVD Home Entertainment System, which uses sophisticated voice cancellation technology to remove the recorded singer's voice, leaving only the background music.


Smart camera

As a host, it is easy to get busy with the nitty gritty details of the party to actually enjoy or take photos to remember the event by. Take some time out to capture your memories or ask one of your peers to help with the event's photography. Capture your friend's eccentric dabkeh moves and record video messages from guests with your Samsung NXI smart camera in 4K UHD quality. Use the camera to instantly share the photos with your peers on social media or conveniently transfer images and videos to your Galaxy smartphone through Bluetooth and NFC technology.

wireless printer

Wireless printer

Giveaways are the perfect ending to the party. They are a warm way of saying goodbye and giving guests a souvenir to remember the occasion. Use your Galaxy smartphone to snap a photo of your guests as they leave, add your farewell message and print out postcards for them from your Samsung NFC printer (such as C1860FW, C460W, C460FW and C410W), leveraging its instant tap-to-print technology. Simply open the Mobile Print app on your smartphone, select the image and place the phone on the NFC area on your printer to start printing.