In today’s marketplace, creative professionals need to get work done with speed and efficiency. Whether you’re a Web developer, home decorator, or fashion stylist, you’ll need strategies and tools to give your business an edge. The Galaxy Note and its S Pen belong at the top of the list.

Creative professionals have their own unique challenges: keeping artistic inspiration flowing while attending to marketing needs, juggling the demands of clients and customers, finding time to create while managing the nuts and bolts of a business. But if you’re in a creative profession, or would like to be, these fundamental rules—and your Galaxy Note’s ergonomically designed S Pen and other features—will help you run your business more efficiently.

Manage Your Time More Effectively

Time management experts advocate focusing fully on one project at a time rather than multitasking. Designate blocks of time during which you will turn off email and ignore your phone. The Galaxy Note S Pen can help make the most of these focused periods. Its highly calibrated pressure sensitivity and extreme precision allow ±0.5mm accuracy for even your most exacting drawings, and the enhanced Palm Rejection feature means you’ll never have to worry about wasting time erasing accidental images.

The S Pen also allows you to quickly switch among a wide variety of line thicknesses and colours, so you can execute the different elements of your sketches, diagrams, and notes faster than it would take to pick out the assortment of writing instruments. The Photoshop Touch app on the Galaxy Note enables Google image searches to save you time when importing and combining images, and lets you add text and visual effects with mere quick taps and drags of the S Pen.

Respond Quickly

In between creative times, you have to tend to the business end of your artistic endeavors. Whether it’s submitting your bid to a potential client, responding to a requested design tweak for a website, or answering a question about what fabric might best suit an upholstered chair, your business often depends on your quick response time. A tap of the S Pen accesses seamless multi-screen usage on the Galaxy Note, so you can easily view a variety of apps at once to efficiently evaluate options and get back to your client. For example, you can view email and project notes at the same time, or surf the Internet while you jot brainstorming ideas with your S Pen.

It’s important to promptly respond to a client in as professional a format as possible. The Galaxy Note’s S Note can automatically translate your “handwritten” S Pen notes into type. And for maximum efficiency, the Galaxy Note 10.1 is a mere 8.9mm thick, so you can easily take it with you for on-site work or for “show and tell” when you’re meeting with a client.

Communicate Clearly

Most business back-and-forth today takes place via the Internet—and it’s easy to be misunderstood. When communicating creative ideas and getting agreement on business scope or artistic detail, neither you nor your client can afford to be on even slightly different pages. Your S Pen can help you communicate quickly and clearly. Jot a note right onto a photo or image and send it, or mark up a project proposal with your thoughts.

The Galaxy Note can even render your jotted shapes (circles, triangles, squares, and more) into precise forms. That means website designers can sketch out sitemaps with rectangles automatically perfected for client-worthy clarity.

Present Your Work Skillfully

Your creative business hinges on getting the word out about what you have to offer. It’s helpful to craft a statement of purpose. Communicating that message means developing well-formatted marketing materials that are easy to access, and that show your work to best effect whether on a website or through social media.

With Galaxy Note templates, that’s easy. For example, food artisans can show off their wares with the magazine or recipe card template. With a tap and swipe of the S Pen, fashion stylists can easily insert “look book” images or sketches, maps to fashion shows, or even video clips of the runway in professional-looking multimedia documents. With its generous 10.1-inch screen size, the Note gives you plenty of room to create.

Once your promotional materials are created, get them out to your potential customers. Social media sites are a great way to spread the word. The Galaxy Note’s Photoshop Touch app lets you send your work straight to your Facebook page, while Creative Cloud gives you free storage and lets you share your work directly with others.

Whatever your creative profession, the S Pen and other great features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 can help you maximise your creative ability as well as your business efficiency.