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By Samsung 14.12.2015

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We asked you which device you consume TV or video content on the most. Here are your top choices.

Video content is gaining popularity across the world. And it's no surprise. As human beings, it is natural for us to be drawn to visual content. This attraction is making video more widespread across various platforms. Just open your news feed on your social networking site and you'll see several videos from friends, family members and even sponsored videos from brands. Even news organisations are resorting to bite-sized video content to disseminate the latest news to the public in a more visual format online, and these are being shared by users on social media.

According to a report by research firm Millward Brown, multi-screen consumers between the ages of 16 and 45 across 17 markets in Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific, spend approximately 220 minutes a day watching video across devices such as TV, smartphone, laptop and tablet. So it's clear that video content is in demand. But with the wide range of content – from traditional TV to online videos – and an array of devices that can be used for consumption, the question arises: Which devices are most commonly used or preferred by people to consume video content?

In a poll on our social media channels, we asked you which device you consume TV or video content on the most:

video content

- Television

- Smartphone

- Tablet

- Laptop

Here are your top choices:


Among the respondents, smartphones turned out to be one of the most preferred devices to consume audio-visual content on, with majority voting for it. This could be because of several reasons, such as busy schedules due to which people are increasingly consuming content on the go, the portability factor of a mobile phone which offers the convenience of being accessible anywhere, the constantly improving quality of mobile displays and screens, etc.

These days, smartphones allow you to take an HD screen with you wherever you go. The Galaxy Note5 and S6 edge+, for example, boast of a Quad HD super AMOLED display, which offers stunning clarity and an optimal viewing experience, while delivering crisp visuals in both indoor and outdoor conditions. So whether you are watching a movie in a badly-lit street or in the daylight at a park, you can enjoy sharp quality.

The 4GB RAM also lends the seamlessness that you need when viewing video.

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A number of people cited laptops as the devices they consume most video content on. And why not? A laptop is almost like your personal TV.

It bridges the gap between TV and a phone; it's smaller than a TV to make it portable enough to carry around and larger than a smartphone to offer a sizeable screen.

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Television was also cited as a preferred device. If you're looking for a great cinematic experience, then TVs are the ultimate viewing vehicles. Sitting on your couch and viewing high quality television has a pleasure of its own. Most often, you're in your most relaxed state when you are watching TV – not in a bus queue or walking on the street. And now, the TV experience has become more enhanced with superior HD quality becoming readily available. Samsung's SUHD TV, for instance, offers four times the resolution of a full HD TV. In the most recent model, JS7200, the Nano Crystal display provides 1.3 times the brightness of certain UHD models and a 1.2 times wider colour gamut. Enjoy pronounced sceneries in movies, the detail in every actor's expressions and the breadth of amazing cinematography.

Television now also offers a great platform to view digital and web content on. You are no longer limited to linear TV. With video-on-demand services and access to the Internet, you can decide to watch your preferred content whenever you want to. The SUHD TV's smart user interface provides an endless supply of entertainment. Explore featured content through your Smart Hub panel or browse the web for a wider variety of video content.