The value of TV picture quality

By Samsung 20.12.2015

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TV picture quality

One of the most important features for a great TV experience.

TV picture quality has improved by leaps and bounds over decades. We can still remember the era where living rooms had TVs featuring content in black and white. Large screens with vibrant colours and sharp displays was an unfamiliar territory. Imagine watching Alice in Wonderland or the animated TV series, Freej, back then on a black-and-white screen. Or any of the cartoon channels catering to babies – which deeply rely on bright colours to attract children. The effect wouldn't be the same as watching them on a modern TV screen.

Over the years, the flavour of colour was added into the mix to offer more true-to-life results. The displays and the technology employed to project images onto the screen also improved over time. Display technologies, such as Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) were widely used in the past, which involved electron guns firing electron beams at the phosphor screen to emit light. Since then, many new display formats have emerged. The OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode), for instance, which offered great colour reproduction. And others, such as Plasma, LED, LCD, etc.

In recent years, there has also been a transition from standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) to ultra-high definition (UHD) TVs. The latest advancement gave rise to SUHD TV, with Samsung featuring cutting-edge models this year that pair 4K resolution with approximately twice the contrast, 64 times more detailed colour expression and 2.5 times the brightness of a conventional UHD TV.

In a poll on our social media channels, we asked you what you like the most about the new SUHD TV:

- Picture quality

- Look and feel

- Smart usability

TV options

Picture quality

It was no surprise that the most preferred feature was the picture quality. We are in the age where people seek best-in-class entertainment in the best formats on the best devices. The idea of enjoying cinematic experiences in our homes delights us. And we often seek to 'experience' movies and TV content, instead of only 'watching' – feeling the sorrow when we see the clarity of the tear drop of a character or heart palpitations during a high-speed car chase scene in broad daylight. The SUHD TV's spectacular colour powered by nano-crystal technology, striking brightness, stunning contrast and superb detail set the perfect environment for such experiences.


Within picture quality, the TV's 4K resolution was also cited by a respondent as the most-liked feature. With 4K you can enjoy four times the detail of a full HD TV and it is a term that is gaining popularity. According to a research by Futuresource Consulting firm, the global demand for 4K TVs is expected to grow rapidly, with more than 100 million shipments projected in 2018, representing 38% of the total TV market.

Even smartphones and cameras these days offer the option to capture video in 4K to offer the best quality. 

The advent of smart TVs has also made it possible to consume a wider range of content. Thanks to the smart usability and an advanced interface, you can even watch your favourite web content on a big screen and enjoy great picture quality.

As has been the case in the past, television and its picture quality will continue to evolve to cater to the audience's tastes and various needs.