Your recent Galaxy photos

By Samsung 29.09.2015

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Your recent Galaxy photos

We asked you to share the most recent photo taken from your Galaxy device. Here are some interesting shots captured by you!

A picture is worth a thousand words: A birthday selfie showing how excited you are about your big day. A postcard-worthy shot of a beautiful landscape showing how great your vacation is going. Or a simple photo of a traffic jam explaining to your boss why you are late.

On our social media channels, we asked people to share the most recent photos they had taken from their Galaxy devices. Each photo told a different story. People posted photos from the airport lounge, captured beautiful skylines and even displayed a hint of food photography.

Check out some of the interesting photos below.

Photo by Sabeena Alnuhasi

Photo 1

Photo by Shaikh Abdullah


Photo by Mohammed N.

Photo 3

Photo by Aileen Kim

Photo 4