About Al Nibras Ideal School

Al Nibras Ideal School was established in 2004 to help with the education of children with learning difficulties. Al Nibras Ideal School has completely devoted itself to helping special needs children take an active role in society by supporting them to become more independent and productive.

By providing a secure and a captivating environment, Al Nibras Ideal School seeks to achieve its goals by implementing a rehabilitative educational curriculum that has been specifically tailored in Arabic for individuals with mental disabilities. Its bespoke services are provided by highly trained multi-disciplinary and experienced professionals. The school is distinguished by its integrity, transparency and respect for each individual student’s unique differences.

Al Nibras Ideal School caters to a wide range of special needs students aged between 4 and 21 years old. Currently, there are 170 students enrolled and 78 dedicated staff members, which include administrative employees, teachers, therapists and specialists.