Parent Testimonials

"He has difficulty in using traditional writing tool (using paper and pencil). Galaxy tab has given him an alternative opportunity to work with academic skills. Presently he writes by using the tab. He demands for the Galaxy Tab to play games in it. It is a good tool to use with children with special needs to enhance their learning process. He writes words such as names of the color (red, purple, etc.) He requests for the help."
- Shaji Mathai Samuel (Father of Joel Shaji- Junior 2A)

"Professionals assisted him to develop his academic skill by using tab. He is a visual learner by using Galaxy tab he performs academic tasks. Visual memory has considerably improved. He is exploring the phonics of other language (Spanish, French, etc) when there is an option in the Apps to access other languages. He has shown improvement in attention, eye contact, awareness towards vehicles, concept of numbers .He is using trail error method to learn concept by using tabs.".
- V. Gurunathan (Father of Aravind Gurunathan – Junior 2A)

"Trans Disciplinary Team (TDI) of Al Noor is very supportive to find out Apps pertain to Leah’s goal and requirements. Technology is improving her literacy skill. She is motivated to learn."
- John Jenkins (Father of Leah Rachel Wilsher- Special Care Unit)

"An overall change has been observed in Harshil. Finger dexterity has shown improvement. He is able to type and point letters better than before. He follows commands. He used to be stubborn, Galaxy tab serves as a Reinforcer to bring down from his behavioral issue by using cause effect strategy. "
- Pradeep Shetty (Father of Harshil Pradeep Shetty - Junior 2A)