Samsung Hope for Children Applications

The New Learning Experience

Samsung firmly believes that interactive and personalized education yields lasting results. Embracing a methodology that we call the “New Learning Experience,” we provide engaging and individualized tools that encourage collaboration, are tailored to students’ personal requirements and deliver clear and measurable outcomes for teachers, students and parents.

The complete education package, the Samsung School Solution, incorporates the New Learning Solution from the inside out. Developed for students aged 5 to 18, the Samsung School Solution create a proactive, immersive, and entertaining learning experience within a suite of handheld and stationary devices – including laptops, tablets, and LCD screens with wide connectivity capabilities. More than just a set of devices, the School Solution enables teachers to reinvent the classroom environment by increasing students’ engagement and interest with interactive content, gather insight on how well students are grasping the lesson, and even interact with students and their work directly. This translates into individualized experiences for the students that are also fun, creative and interactive, and greater control and flexibility for teachers.

The students’ connection to the technology is the most important aspect of the Smart Classroom experiences. The interactive and visual nature of the content motivates students to actively participate in the classroom, reinforcing their self-esteem and providing them with an exciting new way to engage with material. The technology also allows lessons to be adapted to students with different learning styles, be they visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learners.

Samsung has also provided instructors with specialized training in using both the software and hardware associated with the Smart Classroom. Teachers are encouraged to base activities around the expansive variety of resources available to them through the SMART Classroom. This includes audiobooks, videos, educational games, listening activities, and quizzes, allowing teachers to gamify learning and add variety to the everyday curriculum.

The latest addition to the Samsung Smart Classroom is the e-Board Total Solution/Magic Interactive Whiteboard, a teaching device that allows teachers to re-conceptualize lessons and provide superior learning opportunities from screen to tablet. When connected to a laptop, the IWB can be used to access and display multimedia, online resources, and the content of our dedicated ‘Active Inspire’ software. Both students and teachers can directly engage with the content using the eBoard’s touch-screen capabilities or through their handheld devices.

In collaboration with our partners at the Al Noor Training Centre for Children with Special Needs (UAE) and the Al Nibras School for Special Needs (Kuwait), we have been able to introduce the New Learning Experience and our devices to students with special needs in the Gulf region.

In addition to the School Solution, we wanted to build on the New Learning Experience to make a bigger contribution and a measurable difference to the lives of the students of Al Noor Training Centre for Children with Special Needs. Intending to revolutionize teaching methods, we launched a competition amongst developers in the UAE to create a series of educational tablet-based applications that the Center could use to make learning more fun, more interactive and more engaging.

The winning applications are now in use in Al Noor’s everyday curriculum, teaching students vital skills such as identifying objects, comparing phrases and imagery, and applying classroom studies to everyday life through grooming techniques, sharing and safety skills.

The use of Smart Classroom technology and content at Al Noor and Al Nibras has already garnered positive results for the children there. At the Al Noor Training Centre for Children with Special Needs, students find it easier to comprehend difficult or abstract concepts, their motivation to engage their attention has soared, and retention of material has surpassed expectations.

Encouraged by the success of Hope for Children in the region, we partnered with the UAE’s Ministry of Education in 2014 to provide all special needs schools in the Emirates with our game-changing technology and educational content. We will launch the first phase of the project xx, supplying GALAXY Note 10.1 devices and ATIV Smart PCs for students and teachers across the country. Our joint goal is to use innovative methods to create a collaborative and engaging environment in the classroom.

Samsung is delighted to be a part of these monumental steps forward in special education, and we look forward to rolling out even more tailored content and technology to the special needs community of the Gulf region through our additional partnerships.