Teacher Testimonials

"Utilizing the Samsung Galaxy Tab as an educational tool definitely proved to have benefits within our practice. Children responded extremely well as their interest was captured by the colorful, bright and moving objects that appear in front of them on the screen. Furthermore, the Galaxy Tab was also hugely successful in improving their hand-eye coordination and in enhancing their creativity. "
Jean Macasaet,
Occupational Therapist

"Firstly, I thank Samsung for giving my students the opportunity to be part of a pilot study that made all the difference. The applications on the Samsung Galaxy Tab served as an additional teaching resource, enabling my colleagues and I to teach subjects such as Math, Science and Reading more effectively. One of the goals my students had to accomplish in their Math class was addition and subtraction. Thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Tab, they were able to practice their goals by using applications such as: Math Training for Kids, Math Attack and Math Practice Flash Card. In Science class the 'English in Pictures Food Free' application helped students identify healthy food. Most of the students were able to practice their Speech and Pronunciation skills too and they were also able to play their favorite games on the device. At the end of the project, my students were more actively engaged and motivated to learn. In fact, two of my students bought their own Samsung Galaxy Tab to use at home!"
Pia Dina Montemayor Robles,
Senior Boys- 4 Class Teacher

"The Samsung Galaxy Tab has proved to be a very unique teaching tool and a huge advantage to us when it comes to training the students' visual-perceptual skills. There are many applications that are successful in creating an integrated approach for all the areas we specify in. It is certain that the pilot study has been extremely helpful to us, as Occupational Therapy focuses on using a variety of both traditional and high-technology modes. We achieved great development with the students and we have Samsung to thank for that."
Chola Cayanan,
Occupational Therapist

"The students in Special Care Unit have severe multiple disabilities that create barriers for them to write in a conventional manner. Using the Samsung Galaxy Tab, our students were able to learn the alphabet and engage in guided reading and writing through a complete different platform. As much as they enjoyed the process of learning, they were responsive as the device provided visual, auditory and tactile stimulation."
Premila Chandrasekaran,
Head of Special Care Unit

"I began to notice immediately the positive on-seat behavior, along with increased attention to the task when we started using the Samsung Galaxy Tabs in classrooms. As each application on the Tab functioned as an individual teaching tool, we were able to achieve our educational goals faster than before in different subjects. Consequently, the students' not only enjoyed the process of learning and but also achieved better results."
Carla Xavier,
Head of Department, Junior Unit
Class Teacher Junior 1A