Inspiration doesn't wait

An Everyday Creativity Enabler that helps you make more of your ideas. Evolved to provide a superb viewing experience, enhanced S Pen functionality and fine-tuned multi-tasking capabilities.

Most people want to be creative

The fact is that most people want and can be
creative…creativity can be expressed in all different ways.

The Creative Stereotypes

What is the definition of creativity?
Imaginative? Originality? Innovative? Artistic?

Most people think that creativity is a special ability that is limited to "eggheads" or artistic types.

Creativity is in everyday life

It’s never too far away and you can be inspired by the most familiar things.

It’s not about inventing something extraordinary but making everyday life special. Organize tomorrow’s to-do-list on the way home, scribble down ideas before bed or share eye-catching scenery with friends.

GALAXY Note II was created to unleash your creativity