Samsung GALAXY Note3 + Gear, Design youre life


Samsung GALAXY Note3 + Gear, Design youre life


Samsung GALAXY Note3 + Gear, Design youre life


Samsung GALAXY Note3 + Gear, Design youre life


Samsung GALAXY Note3 + Gear, Design youre life


Samsung GALAXY Note3 + Gear, Design youre life


Now, your ordinary daily tasks become extraordinary





Now, your ordinary daily tasks become extraordinary


Calls always within reach.

Missed a call because you couldn't hear or reach
your phone?

Now, with GALAXY Gear, never miss a call;
you can answer and make calls from your wrist.

S Voice

Optimized S Voice makes spoken and
typed commands equally fast options.

GALAXY Gear is set to respond to your fingers or
voice at all times.

The S voice function lets GALAXY Gear assist your busy
on-the-go life by allowing you to create schedules and
check new messages instantly.

* Call, Contact, Schedule, Task, Alarm, Clock, Timer, Application,
Messages, Weather, Help

Notification &
Smart Relay

Seamless communication from
Gear to your phone.

Experience seamless communication
from your Gear to your phone.

When you get an important notification on
GALAXY Gear, your phone will automatically show the
message by picking up the phone.

Enjoy the delightful communication without
the hassle of any additional steps.


Quick snapshots to
create lasting memories.

Missed an important moment while setting up
your camera phone?

Now with GALAXY Gear, you can take a quick snapshot
memo or catch a treasured image before
the perfect moment passes.

just because your cameraphone isn't in your hand.
And of course, Gear lets you share these memos
instantly through SNS.

Voice Memo

Touchless voice memos.

Tell GALAXY Gear everything you want to remember.

You no longer need to take your phone out of your
pocket or bag to write a memo. Just speak to your Gear.

More freedom
to access daily delights

Auto Lock
When the distance between your phone and your GALAXY Gear goes beyond a limit of 1.5m, the phone will automatically lock to ensure security.
Find my device
When you can't find your phone, use GALAXY Gear to command it to beep, illuminate, or vibrate. Of course, the reverse is also possible: use your phone to find your Gear.
Media Controller
Play or pause songs with GALAXY Gear, even when your phone is not within reach.
Make sure you achieve your fitness goals. The Pedometer lets you monitor fitness levels not only during workouts but throughout the day.
You don't need to unlock your phone and go to a weather app for an update. GALAXY Gear's Weather feature keeps the latest forecast at your fingertips or voice command.

Multi Window

Multitask freely, smartly, effortlessly

Now, Multi Window means more than just
opening and viewing two different applications
at the same time on your screen.

By using the 'Drag & Drop' mode in new Multi Window,
you can easily drag and drop words or captured images
from one window to the other in an instant for enhanced
productivity across different applications.

Also, you can now open the same application in two windows
at the same time: read the news in one browser while
searching in another, view two Youtube videos or chat with
two different people on ChatON, etc.

The GALAXY Note 3 allows you to take multitasking to the
next level.

Pen Window

Allows you to quickly perform
another simple task

Open a window as small or as large as you want,
wherever you want on the screen.

The GALAXY Note 3 allows you to multitask via
new windows without interrupting your work
on the main screen.

For example, while preparing a presentation, create a smaller
window to access a calculator for some quick math.

Working from different windows simultaneously
has never been easier.

5.7” Full hd_amoled
HD Screen

Make daily
viewing a delightful routine.

GALAXY Note 3 with 5.7’’ FHD screen

This bigger display enables efficient
multitasking and a maximum viewing experience.

Explore where this large screen can take you.

My Magazine

Personalize viewing with
magazine-like layouts.

The GALAXY Note 3 lets you own
a large-screen, magazine-type interface.

Enjoy news, social media and more in one place
with curated content in a modern and
dynamic presentation.

Enjoy My Magazine and don't miss out on anything
important to you.

Air Command

Paint your life anew from
a palette of 5 useful S Pen features.

With the S Pen, life has just gotten easier.

Hover the S Pen over the screen and simply press the pen button
to instantly access 5 useful S Pen features:

  • Action Memo : Activate your memos instantly
  • Scrapbook : Organize important pieces of your life
  • S Finder : Search from your entire phone to the web
  • Pen Window : Draw to perform another simple task
  • Screen Write : Enjoy annotating on captured images

Action Memo

Activate your memos instantly.

Jot down memos in time to make things happen
right now or later.

With Action Memo, turn your handwritten memos into
actionable links: calls, new contacts, To-Dos or emails,
web or location searches, tasks.

For example, write down a telephone number,
press Link to Action, and you can call that number
directly without any additional steps.


Organize important pieces
of your life anytime, anywhere.

Don't stress anymore about organizing the information
and contents stored in your phone.

GALAXY Note 3 allows you to easily track down and
categorize images, videos and other contents by tapping
the 'Scrapbooker' button in Air Command.

Just circle the information or image that you want to save
and move it into Scrapbook. It's never been easier to
categorize and design your own personalized Scrapbook.

S Finder

Search with options detailed enough to locate
anything in your phone or the web.

Contents cannot be lost in GALAXY Note 3.

With S Finder, you can search your entire phone from
hand-written memos to the web.

Simply click the pen to access S Finder and then
search by keywords and/or apply date, location or
content filters from one starting point to
find related images, videos, music, personal notes,
documents, events or chats, even Help advice.

It’s easy with automatically saved dates and
enabled location tags in the Camera, S Note,
Scrapbook, Voice recorder.

new S Note

Compose and manage your thoughts
more easily and quickly.

Enjoy note taking now more than ever.

The new S Note lets you quickly scribble notes on extensive
canvases, browse through them effortlessly and edit them
beautifully without having to rewrite or redraw anything.

The new S Note can also be synced with Evernote or a Samsung
account to enable viewing from your PC or tablets.

The Easy Chart function also transforms scribbled charts into
professional-looking graphs instantly.

Yes, this is now possible with the new S Note.

new Easy Clip

Neatly crop out images

Neatly cropped images are no longer limited to
professional tools.

Select the area to be cropped, and the new Easy Clip
will remove the background instantly for
a professional look.

Enhance the boundaries of your creativity with
the new Easy Clip.

Direct Pen Input

Write with the S Pen instead of typing.

The GALAXY Note 3 recognizes both your
handwriting and typing.

The advanced handwriting recognition technology
can accurately read most writing styles and be transcribed
into a message, planner, alarm or phone function.

This feature allows you to experience greater versatility
and flexibility.

More convenience
at your fingertips

Samsung KNOX
Samsung's seamless GALAXY Note 3 security solution, KNOX, meets the industry's toughest security requirements.
This will keep application and data secure.
Work and play with peace of mind.
Voice Wake-up
Activate the S Voice by saying "Hi, GALAXY," and then command the desired feature to appear.
For example, if you are cooking and your hands are sticky, simply wake up the S Voice, say "timer," “ Set timer 10 minutes,” and carry on without ever touching your GALAXY Note 3.
Group Play-Share Video
Enhance the pleasure of personal interactions with the GALAXY Note 3.
You can now connect multiple GALAXY Note 3s for not only interlinked sound but video, including cinematic views.
Voice Recorder
The quality of the voice recorder on GALAXY Note 3 is winning the admiration of journalists.
It is enabled with one of the world's best mobile directional recording function to reduce background noise and to keep a professional quality recorder within easy reach.
Samsung Link
Tap into any of your Samsung devices to search and browse content.
Content management has never been
so easy.
Hard Key Control with S Pen
Now with S Pen, you can even touch hard key buttons.
You can use GALAXY Note 3 without ever putting your S Pen down.