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  • Live in a world of
    infinite possibilities

    The design of the Samsung GALAXY S4 defies what's possible.
    The incredibly-wide FULL HD Super AMOLED screen fits perfectly within an extraordinarily
    slim bezel that's encased in a special polycarbonate body, making this the
    lightest and most sophisticated GALAXY yet.
  • Super-wide FULL HD Screen

  • Slim Body

  • Unique Textured



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  • S View Cover

    Smart innovation of the
    flip cover

  • Wireless Charging
    Pad / Cover

    Cordless charging solution

  • Flip Cover

    Uniquely designed for the Samsung GALAXY S4

  • Pouch

    The classic premium pouch

  • Protective Cover+

    Complete protection for the Samsung GALAXY S4

  • Headset

    Premium Hi-Fi sound experience

    • Compact ergonomic design (Easy-to-use: Left / Right)
    • 2 Speakers in each headphone (Woofer & Tweeter speakers)
    • Dynamic deep bass & high-resolution treble sound
    • Balanced sound with full-frequency range
      (Via holes and slit on earphone)
    • Slim flat cable (Free from tangled wires)
  • Extra Battery Kit

    When charging is not an option

  • HRM

    The effective running coach

    • Real-time heart rate monitor
    • Control your exercise intensity by checking your heart rate
    • Works with Running Mate app
  • Body Scale

    Keep track of your health

    • Measures weight and sends it to the Samsung GALAXY S4 via Bluetooth
    • Supports up to 7 users
    • Check your weight history with S-Health 2.0 app



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