Rich & Colourful
Experience wide colour gamut display

We’ve brought the rich, deep and colourful world you see with your eyes to one you can view in your hands. Compared to conventional LCD tablets with about 70% colour reproduction rate, the Super AMOLED reproduces colours that match up to more than 90%1) of nature’s true palette, enabling you to enjoy videos, pictures, and other various contents in their true colours.

1) more than 90% of Adobe RGB colour coverage

Colour Reproduction 97%

Deep Black
Discover hidden details with deeper contrast

GALAXY Tab S generates a brighter and more dynamic picture, with rich colours, deep and crisp picture rendering. Discover the missing details produced with 100,000: 1 contrast ratio that is 100 times higher than conventional LCD displays with 4 million AMOLED pixels. With the precise and rich colour contrast, you will easily notice the subtle and delicate details.

Super Amoled Contrast 100,000:1