A Tablet for Child’s Play

Aug 22, 2014

A Tablet for Child’s Play

Like it or not, children these days feel right at home with our touch-screen devices. The obvious downside is that your little one may end altering your settings or accidentally sending something to a friend or colleague without your permission. There is also the chance that tap-happy kids may be exposed to inappropriate material. With these issues in mind, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S is designed to be fun and safe for both young and adult users.

Kids Mode
While many third-party parental control apps exist, Kids’ Mode is exclusive to Samsung, and seamlessly moves your device into a child-friendly environment. Pre-loaded to your Galaxy Tab S device, Kids’ Mode includes five specially designed apps – camera, karaoke, drawing, picture gallery, and video playback – which adapt the tablet’s existing functions into entertaining and intuitive features for kids. Best of all, Kids’ Mode is controlled by a PIN code, preventing children from wandering outside the dedicated app suite. For a bit of extra protection, it is also easy to implement additional parental control settings, such as a daily playtime limit or regulating media accessibility.

Multi-User Functionality
As your child becomes more proficient and trustworthy, they can leave Kids’ Mode behind and log into a separate user account. This is especially useful as your child grows older and wants to spend more time exploring the tablet’s more complex functions. Creating a children-only zone is a breeze, and the Galaxy Tab S is capable of accommodating up to eight user accounts. Without fuss, you can activate personalised settings to ensure that your child receives the complete tablet experience with nothing but the appropriate content. You can even save your child’s fingerprint in the sensor, adding another layer of delight to their usage.

Specialised Apps
Knowing that children will inevitably gain access to the tablet, Samsung has ensured that there is no shortage of child-friendly apps to keep younger ones entertained. The Samsung Kids Store now contains over 900 apps speciallly designed with kids in mind. One of its most useful features is an age-range filter that allows you to select apps that will continue to entertain and challenge your children as they grow. The content is also classified by function – learning, play, or story – so that you can stealthily incorporate education into your child’s playtime.

When combined with a quick processor, long battery life, and a standout screen, the Galaxy Tab S ensures that you can hand over the Galaxy Tab S to your child for high-graphic games and cartoons with the best tablet experience, and never worry about losing your data or your settings.

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