Dual SIMs Keep You Grounded, No Matter Where You Land

Sep 12, 2014

Dual SIMs Keep You Grounded, No Matter Where You Land
  • Dual SIMs Keep You Grounded, No Matter Where You Land
  • Dual SIMs Keep You Grounded, No Matter Where You Land

Frequent travel is a reality for many GCC residents; after all, the Gulf sits at the centre of the world and has become a key global business hub. But whether you are a newcomer to frequent flying or have been stacking up the air miles for years, you know that traveling far afield comes with its own hassles - especially on business trips, when you need to be contactable at all times. Already forced to miss sleep with those early runs to the airport and giving up the comforts of home, you also lose an important part of yourself while en route - your fully functional smartphone.

Instead of pulling up Whatsapp at your leisure, you find yourself limited to a budget mobile with a local SIM or waiting until you are in range of to jump on an accessible Wi-Fi network. Thankfully, the dawn of the premium dual-SIM smartphone has arrived in the Galaxy S5 Duos.

Seamless Transition
Dual-SIM phones have been on the market for at least 10 years, but many of them fall short of being a true “smart” phone. Access to the features that you consider essential, such as your favourite map app, your email client and your beloved cab on-demand service are limited as soon as you touch down and switch on at your destination. Gone are your preferred phone settings, stored web browsing passwords and pre-loaded credit card information.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos ensures a seamless transition during your travels. Loaded up with all of the essential applications, your diehard pre-sets and the Samsung Galaxy Apps Store, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos guarantees that you will never have to go without in your new temporary location.

In addition, the Galaxy S5 Duos lets you take your images and videos on the road, and, with assured connectivity, the possibilities for sharing your travel experiences are limitless.

Two SIMs, Two Countries
For skeptics who are happy to take on a more basic dual-SIM mobile or don’t care to change out their SIM cards when they land, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos may yet change your mind. With the Samsung Dual SIM Always ON, the Galaxy S5 Duos allows you to switch between SIMs easily, taking a call on one number while you instant message on another. Samsung’s interface is also intuitive, allowing users to select the SIM they want for voice calls, video calls or data. The freedom of choosing one SIM for data and the other for voice calls is unique to Samsung, and allows you to manage your costs according to your needs. Picture never having to throw your hard-earned cash at roaming charges for work or forcing anyone to dial you long distance - never, that is, unless you want to. The possibilities are endless with the Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos at your side.

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