Samsung Expands Home Appliances Range with Launch of 3050 Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator

Jun 20, 2013

3050 available at all major retail stores in Bahrain

Samsung Expands Home Appliances Range with Launch of 3050 Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator
  • Samsung Expands Home Appliances Range with Launch of 3050 Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator
  • Samsung Expands Home Appliances Range with Launch of 3050 Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator

MANAMA, Bahrain – June 16th, 2013 – Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, has unveiled its new 3050 Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator with Techno Blue Trading Co. WLL. The 3050 Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator leverages Samsung's superior digital invertor technology for improved energy efficiency, better durability, enhanced cooling performance and optimal freshness. Coupled with space saving and convenience features, the new refrigerator offers the ultimate convenience for the modern day family.

"The refrigerator is at the heart of every kitchen today. Our new 3050 Refrigerator brings advanced technology and power into the 'heart' of the kitchen without compromising energy efficiency. With its wide range of features, including a MoistFresh Zone and space efficiency details, the 3050 Refrigerator is the ideal home appliance for today's families," Said Robin Kadyan, General Manager of Home Appliances Sales Group at Samsung Gulf Electronics.

Mr. Mustafa Kamal, Operations Manager of Techno Blue Trading Co. WLL., said, "We are very excited to bring this product to our consumers in Bahrain. The 3050 is the perfect combination of durabilty and high quality and was designed to be simple yet very effective in keeping your meats and vegetables fresh; giving you enough space to store food and comes with a 10 year warranty on the compressor."

Superior Digital Invertor Technology

The 3050 Refrigerator features Samsung's Digital Inverter Compressor that offers unmatched durability and cooling performance. By automatically adjusting between speeds within five levels of RPM, the Digital Invertor Compressor delivers precisely the amount of cooling air required in response to temperature change, effectively minimising energy consumption. While this technology strengthens the durability and life span of the refrigerator, Samsung is offering consumers additional peace of mind with a 10-year parts warranty on the Digital Inverter Compressor, a first for Samsung in this segment.

Convenience and Organisation

The 3050 Refrigerator is packed with convenient storage and efficiency features that help consumers keep their families and food organised. The Easy Slide shelf slides out effortlessly and has been specifically designed to enable easy access to food. This advanced feature is new to Samsung's Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator lineup. Multi Storage Basket was designed to store various items such as cosmetics, medicines, and sauces separately from others. It also can be detached and moved conveniently to a desired place. A wider and deeper door guard enables larger and taller sized bottles to be easily stored and accessible at a convenient, waist height.

In addition, the new refrigerator also boasts of a large capacity ice box with Ice MAX that is removable, providing more space and flexibility depending on the consumer's need.

There are several design elements that enhance the 3050 Refrigerator's convenience and organisation features. A top high-efficiency LED illuminates the new model's interior more brightly than other models with a radiant lighting. A modern style bar handle for streamlined design and side recess handle enables consumers to open the door easily with the elbow while both hands are full of groceries.

Freshness and Cooling

Another key feature of the new refrigerator is the MoistFresh Zone. The MoistFresh Zone controls the air circulation through conduction cooling technology to maintain optimal humidity, creating an ideal environment to keep vegetables and fruit fresh for a long time.

Families can rest assured that optimal freshness of their food is maintained with the Antibacterial Protector and Deodorizing Filter. The inside fan creates air movement that ensures more effective and powerful sterilization and deodorization, while the Deodorizing Filter contains natural fibers to eliminate unpleasant food smells and bacteria.

The 3050 Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator is now available in all leading retailers in Oman in a wide range of sizes from 220 liters to 480 liters with prices ranging from BD. 115 to BD. 189 respectively.

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