Samsung Introduces the Future of Washing

Aug 13, 2014

Samsung Introduces the Future of Washing
  • Samsung Introduces the Future of Washing
  • Samsung Introduces the Future of Washing

Bahrain –August 10, 2014 –Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., announced the revolutionary WW9000 today, an elegant washer that combines advanced smart technology with intuitive design. Equipped with multiple groundbreaking features, the WW9000 is set to change your everyday life by turning laundry into a breezy and carefree experience.

“The WW9000 features the best of Samsung’s digital convergence technologies. With the tap of a button, our consumers can view and control their washes from their smartphones, even when they are out doing the things that they really enjoy,” said Mr. Mohammed Gharaibeh, General Manager of Home Appliance Division at Samsung Gulf Electronics. “The WW9000 has redefined washing. With the tap of a button, the WW9000 automatically selects the right wash cycles for consumers and even decides on the right length of wash, making life so much easier. Crystal Blue door design perfectly makes it a pleasing piece for any home.”

Stands elegantly in your home
The WW9000 is smartly equipped with an ergonomic design. Not only is the door higher than those of conventional machines, the machine is also wider, making loading and unloading laundry easier and reducing instances of back pain and strain.

Style also meets function with the Samsung WW9000. Unnecessary lines have been replaced with a seamless surface and natural curves, while a simple LCD touch screen has supplanted unsightly buttons. Even the door’s Deep Crystal Blue is an attractive addition. The Deep Crystal Blue perfectly refracts the light to create a spectrum of colours, making it a pleasing piece for any home.

Gives you your time back
The simple, intuitive Full Touch Screen lets you choose different cycles, programs, speeds and other elements of the wash with just one touch. The Auto Optimal Wash setting detects information about your laundry, such as load size, amount of water, amount of detergent needed, if any, and chooses the appropriate wash program. It even increases washing or rinsing times automatically to ensure that your clothes are always perfectly clean.

Gets you on your way
Samsung has solved the problem of scheduling your day around your laundry. Thanks to the WW9000’s Smart Control function, you can remotely control and monitor your washing using your smartphone. From anywhere inside or outside the house, you can instantly start or pause your machine and monitor cycle selections, remaining time and finishing alerts, putting you in control.

Cares for the clothes you love
In addition to adding a little leisure to life while restoring control, the WW9000 helps consumers to tackle those hard-to-read labels with easy, signature settings. According to research conducted by Samsung, people pay little attention to clothing care instructions and run the risk of ruining their clothes with in correct settings.

With the WW9000, consumers will never have to read labels again. The WW9000 has six Specialty Cycles designed specifically to remove different types of hard-to-clean stains. The ‘Gardening’ option targets grass and mud stains, while the ‘Cooking & Dining’ cycle cleans food and grease marks. Other specialty cycles include ‘Hygiene Care,’ ‘Active Sports,’ ‘Active Kids,’ and ‘Working & Everyday’.

The easy clean of the WW9000 is made possible by Samsung’s renowned ecobubble™ technology. With ecobubble™ users can get a more powerful clean at a significantly cooler water temperature, and thanks to its Digital Inverter Technology, noises and vibrations are reduced to a minimum.

The Samsung WW9000 (WW10H9410EX) with capacity of 10 Kg is available at all major retailers across Bahrain priced at BD 550

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