Samsung Redefines Premium Consumer Monitor Category with Launch of New Series 9 Monitor

Jan 11, 2013

Samsung’s Series 9 LED Monitor Offers More Power with Wide Quad HD and Natural Color Expert features

Samsung Redefines Premium Consumer Monitor Category with Launch of New Series 9 Monitor

Dubai, UAE, January 9th 2013 - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, today announced the availability of its new premium Series 9 Monitor (SB970) in the UAE. The Samsung Monitor Series 9 aims to redefine the premium consumer monitor market and will solidify Samsung’s leadership position in the global monitor category.

With its ‘Natural Color Expert’ technology supported by a built-in calibration engine, the Samsung Monitor Series 9 offers consumers an accurate, true-to-life color with better-than-full HD resolution. Guaranteeing professional quality, each Series 9 Monitor is individually hand-calibrated during the initial stages of production to ensure consumers have complete complex color management control.

“Consumer needs for multimedia contents are increasing; as a result the role of the monitor is changing from a simple working station to a multi-media device. Samsung has demonstrated unwavering commitment to providing premium monitors that deliver leading technology and overall value that is beyond comparison,” said Anupam Birla, Business Head of Visual Display Unit at Samsung Gulf Electronics. “With enhanced versatility, exceptional HD quality and optimized color collaboration the LED Monitor Series 9 delivers a unique PC experience to our customers in the region.”

Best viewing experience

Samsung provides the best monitors with unrivalled viewing experience, offering the most life-like picture quality and authentic design. Calibrated by hand to deliver truly lifelike color, the Series 9 is ushering a new era of color accuracy into homes and offices. Its built-in calibration engine, Natural Color Expert, splits calibration into three key elements offering ‘Non Uniformity Correction’ (NUC), Gamma Correction and White Balance Correction in order in order to ensure the most vivid and accurate images.

NUC guarantees the Series 9 Monitor has more than 90 per cent (Delta E

With a 2560X1440 Wide Quad HD (WQHD) resolution, it boasts better than standard HD viewing, an ultra wide viewing angle and a built-in color calibration engine allowing consumers to enjoy images the way they were meant to be seen, while its sleek and elegant design adds sophistication to any setting. By supporting WQHD the Series 9 can produce HD quality four times more powerful than that of a 720p HDTV, perfect for the ardent professional that needs a broader range of viewing and micro pixel areas for enhanced display quality.

Additionally the monitor includes Samsung’s newly developed PLS (Plane to Line Switching) panel which delivers stunning image performance with no color or image degradation, even when viewing at off-angles, 178 degrees vertically and horizontally.

Optimized Multi Media Solution

Samsung is continuing to change the paradigms of the monitor industry with the Samsung Monitor Series 9 being among a select few premium monitors that supports MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) technology. MHL allows consumers to connect an MHL-compatible device such as a smartphone or tablet to the display’s HDMI port. The HDM-MHL cable carries full HD (1080p) video and digital audio to the display while simultaneously charging portable devices.

By utilizing MHL technology, users can connect and share content with the monitor, enabling them to view documents, play games, listen to music with its superior sound capability or watch videos using its bigger 27” full HD display. 

The new Monitor Series 9 provides not only an exceptional viewing experience but also a total audio solution for entertainment, featuring 7W 2 Channel stereo speakers which are embedded into the monitor for high quality sound. Using its Audio In & Out port, consumers can enjoy music content with more flexibility on a range of external devices such as MP3, smartphones, tablets and external speakers.

Authentic Design

Aside from the tech specs, the Monitor Series 9’s sleek and innovate design brings a level sophistication and elegance to any home or workplace. The slim bezel, crystal-clear glass hidden panel display and shimmering back panel create a stunning look and feel, while its ergonomic stand offers personalized viewing experiences with the ability to adjust up to nearly four vertical inches.

Its minimalistic design features a subtle port at the back with a USB, HDMI input (MHL), DL-DVI and display port for connectivity to other devices, thereby banishing clutter.

The Samsung Monitor Series 9 will be available across leading retail outlets in UAE for AED 3,999. For multimedia content and more information, please visit

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