Take Your Selfies to the Next Level

Jul 20, 2014

Take Your Selfies to the Next Level
  • Take Your Selfies to the Next Level
  • Take Your Selfies to the Next Level
  • Take Your Selfies to the Next Level

Kuwait 16, July 2014: Yes - selfies are here to stay. With the term now officially a noun in the Oxford English Dictionary this is an undeniable fact. With that said, it’s time for you to perfect the art so that you can flaunt your best features with the perfect profile shot. Enter the NX Mini – Samsung’s latest innovation designed to banish poor quality selfies to the depths of history! Combine this little gem, the world’s slimmest and lightest interchangeable-lens camera, with our top tips on how to shoot the best selfie, and you’ll never have to suffer a bad angle again!

With its 180-degree rotational screen, the NX Mini offers the perfect design to shoot your selfie with ease. Not only does it eliminate the awkwardness of the shooting itself, but the ability to tilt the screen means you can shoot from a variety of different angles. And herein lays the key to the perfect selfie. Unfortunately not all of us can lay claim to amazing facial structure akin to that of Kate Moss. Whether from up high, left angle or right, the NX Mini allows you to position the lens according to your strongest profile features.

Now that you have deciphered the perfect angle from which to take your stunning self-portrait make sure that the lighting is correct. Backlighting is a big no-no when it comes to selfies. Take your shot somewhere that is well lit, and for the experimental among you, use a tissue over the flashlight to create an ambient image.

Location and lighting fixed, now it’s time to pose! Our one piece of advice? Natural will always win out. Big pouty lips do not equal class. A big smile, however, does.

And last but not least use your camera to its full ability. It’s worth taking the time to study your new purchase thoroughly, and learn how to maximise all of its features. The selfie shot on the go for example, might benefit from NX Mini’s Continuous Shot feature, which will keep shooting images leaving you with a selection of the best to choose from. This feature would for example be best used when on a roller coaster ride.

Armed with your perfect bank of selfies the Samsung’s NX Mini NFC and Wi-Fi capabilities will allow you to share your images with the world in no time. Never will you find so much joy in posting pics to your social media sites.

This great camera comes in several colours encased in a luxurious leatherette design to ensure that not only does it deliver on performance, but also on style.

The NX mini is available across all major retail stores for KWD 110.

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