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Apps Education Alphabet


  • Categories : Education

Alphabet represents the application for kids and their first steps in learning English letters. Also, application may be used for learning first English words.
For each of 30 letters, user can see five randomly selected words from the base, where selected letter is first letter in the word. The words are shown as stickers on the left side of the screen. On the right screen side, user can see lowercase and capital letter written within appropriate lines. Except for stickers and letters shape, it is possible to see writing procedure of lowercase and capital letters. This is achieved by only one click on remote controller (button Enter).
Letter choosing is very easily done, at the down screen side, by moving the magnifier on the letter. Moving of magnifier is done by pressing either left or right remote controller buttons.
This application is made by VTŠ Apps Team and Samsung Apps Laboratory at The School of Higher Technical Professional Education in Nis, Serbia.

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