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Baby Channel

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Watch now for free until January 15th,‎‏ ‏‎2014! ‎
‎ The ultimate channel for babies and toddlers, ‎packed with over 200 hours of programs, including ‎non dialogue content. The channel introduces ‎educational values such as social & basic skills, ‎creativity, health habits, numbers and vocabulary.‎
Enjoy all-time favorite animated series designed ‎specifically for safe viewing of children, with ‎appropriate video content only.‎
Among others, you can find content from 'Luli', a ‎world of content that provides toddlers with a ‎nurturing atmosphere, which supports every parent’s ‎need for their children to spend their early formative ‎years in a safe haven, in which curiosity, ‎imagination, and discovery can thrive. It offers a ‎wide range of cognitive, audio-visual and motor ‎stimuli that integrates with the theme of the channel.‎

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