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Meet the all-new Smart Hub with instant access
to exciting entertainment experience.
You can have a variety of Smart TV functions and
that’s like having several TVs in one. A greater
variety of entertainment contents are
intelligently organized into Smart Hub panels
that are easy to navigate and fast responding.



Your content journey starts here

Spend more time watching the things you want to watch, rather than searching through thousands of channels. Get recommendations based on what you like and your viewing preferences* from OnTV. Looking for something new? Then simply hit the Refresh button to get a wider range of recommendations. OnTV is a new way to get informed about interesting TV programs that are trending on Twitter. Over time, the recommendations will become more accurate as the TV works to understand your preferences.


* Categories may vary by region.
* You must agree to the Terms and Conditions in order to receive recommendations based on your personal preferences. If you are
   not logged in, Smart Hub will recommend the most popular programs in your country at the time.

Recommendation & Category

Watch only what interests you

Once you turn on your TV, you’re instantly greeted with the Refresh Button that now gives you a wider range of recommendations in each category. It suggests shows based on popularity, what you like and your viewing preferencest. This useful feature allows you to watch just the things you enjoy, without you having to waste your time going through the tedious act of channel surfing. Browse from 5 categories like movies, dramas, sports and kid’s programs, and watch the content that best interests you.

1.  Refresh Button / 2.  Timeline View
  1. 1. Refresh Button
    Hit the Refresh Button to see recommended TV programs based on your tastes and viewing preferences.
  2. 2. Timeline View
    The new Timeline View now covers programs happening today and the next six days, so you can get recommendations of TV programs that are currently airing and even more suggestions of new programs to watch in the near future.


Recommendations based on what’s trending
in social media

On TV’s Trending page keeps you up-to-date about the hottest TV shows trending on Twitter.
Analyzing recent TV related tweets, it will show you the top 24 most mentioned shows buzzing in the social world. Never be left out of the conversation when it comes to the most-talked about events in prime time.

twitter / tv show, movie, drama

* Images are for illustrative purposes only.
* Smart Hub UI may be updated at a later date.